How long do dog cropped ears take to heal

dog cropped ears

cropping dog ears is a painful procedure that is required by most dogs who have naturally floppy or “drop” ears. There are many reasons that skinned-back ears are more attractive on some dogs than what nature gave them. Primarily, it’s because people want their pets to look more like the dogs they see in movies and on television, with big, perky ears. Beyond looks though, there are other advantages to having cropped dog ears which you should be aware of before deciding whether or not this surgery is right for your pet.

Cropped Dog Ears

Most cities require that all dogs have their ears cropped if they’re purebred animals descended from breeds whose standards call for cropped ears. Please note that purebred does not necessarily mean pedigreed. If you’re not certain about whether or not your dog’s ears need to be cropped, the best thing to do is talk with your local veterinarian or authorities in your area who can explain whether or not it’s necessary for your pooch to go under the knife.

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The Procedure Of Cropping Dog Ears – The Reality

This surgery should never be considered until a young dog has finished teething (usually around 6 months of age). This ensures that their ears are fully developed and will stand up better after surgery. There are many techniques that can be used depending on what each veterinarian feels is most appropriate for each individual pet. Whatever technique they choose though, it always involves cutting through skin and cartilage before stitching the ears back together and leaving them to heal. If you’d like more information on how this surgery is performed, please visit here:

On average, it takes about two months for cropped dog ears to fully heal though it can be longer or shorter depending on many factors including your pet’s overall health and how well you care for their ears after the surgery. After the initial healing period (and assuming no complications arise), most veterinarians recommend that owners clean their dog’s ears once a week with either alcohol or peroxide and then applying an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin before wrapping each ear with gauze that has been soaked in Vaseline. This will help keep the skin inside of your pooch’s ears supple which will ensure that their ears stand erect for life.

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Cropped Dog Ears – The Verdict

There are many people out there who don’t believe that it’s in a dog’s best interest to have their ears cut off just to suit the whims of our society’s fascination with dogs that look like wolves. If you choose this option though, it is your responsibility to make certain that your dog doesn’t become a nuisance or threat because of his/her appearance. Unfortunately, some people will be frightened by even the nicest and most placid creature when they see disfiguring surgery hasn’t been performed on them prior to getting into adulthood. Always keep in mind how important good public relations are when deciding whether or not your pet should be given the gift of cropped dog ears.

Is the surgery necessary in the first place? Some people believe that it’s actually inhumane to perform cosmetic surgeries on animals in order to suit human tastes and preferences. Dogs will look like dogs no matter how much you wish they would look like wolves so why not just deal with what nature gave them? You might think this is just natural bias because I’m both a proud owner of multiple purebreds and I’ve worked in veterinarian medicine for quite some time now but when you compare the anatomy between wolf ears and dog ears, it’s very clear that one was specifically designed for the wild and one was specifically designed to thrive in very specific environments where humans are nearby.

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Cropped dog ears are designed to stand up rather than lay down against their heads. This ensures that they look pointier and more defined, making them seem more like “real wolves” when you see them in person or in pictures. The problem is that most dogs aren’t actually able to use this design well because most domesticated pooches have floppy ears which came about through generations of selective breeding by humans who wanted dogs with drooping appendages despite what nature intended for them. Cutting through skin and cartilage before stitching the ears back together is no easy task either so it’s obvious that many vets don’t care for this surgery at all and that it’s done more out of necessity and love for the breed than anything else.

What will happen to my dog if we don’t do it? There are many different breeds that require their ears to be cropped even in adulthood in order to look like real wolves (for example, Great Danes). If you refuse to let your veterinarian perform this surgery on your pet after they’ve reached 2-3 months of age or they start having complications such as infections or persistent drooping, then there is a chance that your puppy might never get adopted by another family and you’ll have to keep them instead. The reason why is because in most cases, nobody wants a large and/or old adult dog who has floppy ears outside of show dog standards because their appearance is deemed “unattractive” in today’s society. Look at this Great Dane who was probably refused by dozens of different families before finally being adopted by someone who probably didn’t expect to get such a massive dog in the first place:

The only other option for you if your veterinarian refuses to crop your dog’s ears and they can’t be made to stand through any other means would be to euthanize them because there simply aren’t enough people out there who are willing to adopt dogs with “inferior genes.” Many domesticated pooches don’t even live long enough (or healthy lives) without proper rostering so this surgery never should’ve been performed on them…period.

It’s a sad story but it needs to be understood by everyone who breeds dogs in the first place. It would really take a miracle for someone who likes “natural” ears on their pets to adopt such beasts because people really would rather get rid of them like they’re broken toys than deal with them for life…even if the only problem is that they don’t look exactly like wolves and other wild canines.

Many dog owners prefer cropped dog ears over natural ones but there’s no guarantee that your pet will ever be accepted into any family. If you want them to live a healthy and long life, then never let anyone crop their ears after 2-3 months of age unless it’s absolutely necessary (i.e., to correct an infection or deformity).

It won’t be the easiest thing to do if you’re an avid fan of wolf-like dogs but it’s for their own good and you know that as well as I do. If people want a dog with wild features, they should go out to the forest and adopt a real one because all domesticated canines were born to become beloved pets first and foremost…NOT wild beasts which only exist in our fantasies!

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