How do I calm my dog down during fireworks?


Whatever holiday you celebrate, the glittering fireworks in the dark sky will always be a fascinating sight. But, help! My dog ​​is afraid of fireworks. You often hear them beeping or see them walking restlessly through your house. Some dogs get very nervous about it. Read more in this article about how to prepare your dog for the fireworks spectacle and how to keep him calmer.

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The turn of the year is a real challenge for many dog ​​owners. Flares, firecrackers, and mats are all types of fireworks that make some dogs very tense. Even dogs that are normally calm sometimes become restless. Many dogs withdraw into their dog bed. However, there are also slightly more vocal dogs that immediately panic. They don’t eat anything anymore, don’t listen, and tremble violently. If your dog shows these kinds of symptoms, it’s your job to reassure him and reduce his anxiety. But how do you do that? After all, you can’t turn off the fireworks with the push of a button.

My dog ​​is afraid of fireworks, immediate measures against fireworks fear

Help! My dog ​​is afraid of fireworks! If the first test flares are fired, it is already well too late for long-term therapy against sound phobia. Fortunately, you can also make a difference in the short term for your dog and his fear:

leash the dog

Also on New Year’s Eve, dogs have to go outside to do their shopping. So not going outside is not an option. To make the walking tours as stress-free as possible, it is best to walk along with quiet places during the day. For example, take your dog to the forest. Avoid densely populated areas, where people are often busy with the first bang during the day. Always keep your dog on a lead on these days. Even if you are in a quiet place you can be surprised. You should not underestimate the risk that your dog will run away in fright and you will not find him again.

Going into the house with the dog

When it gets dark, the first flares are also set off. Now it’s time to take your dog inside. While it is common to go outside around 12 noon, it is best to stay indoors with your dog. That way you don’t leave him alone in this sensitive situation. It’s not enough for dogs that feel strong fear sitting in a quiet room – they also want someone with them who can trust and reassure them.

Close doors, windows, and shutters

The loud bang of rockets and other types of fireworks penetrates even the thickest house walls. By keeping doors, windows and shutters closed you can somewhat protect your dog against the noise from outside. Many dogs become a lot calmer because of this. The flash that comes from some types of fireworks is also a problem for some dogs and a stressor, so if you don’t have shutters it is still useful to hang something in front of the openings.

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Turn up the radio and music

After closing the doors and windows, you can also try to suppress the fireworks sound by enjoying some extra music or TV. These are familiar sounds for the dog and will help neutralize outside noise. Put on your favorite music or turn on the radio. Sounds from the washing machine or dishwasher can also have a calming effect on your dog. However, be careful not to overdo the volume indoors: if it is too loud, your dog may not like it either.

Distract with tasty scents or snacks

Dogs that are not yet so stressed are sometimes distracted by tasty scents or snacks. The idea is that your dog will then concentrate less on the noise from outside. For example, you can spread a scent trail through the house, which your dog can sniff. If your dog is still in the mood to eat, there are also special snacks to reassure them.

Radiating peace of mind as an owner

Above all, it is extremely important that you also remain calm. Make sure you are calm during all your actions. Reassuring your dog at ease can show him that the sounds outside aren’t all that exciting. But if you also panic because of your dog’s reaction, the whole situation goes from bad to worse.

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Petting is prohibited!

Just as disastrous as panicking yourself is petting and caressing your dog. This may seem like a good idea at first, but it only confirms your dog’s fear. This gives him the feeling that his fear is justified and that something really remarkable is going on. It’s hard, but you should try to ignore your dog’s stress as much as possible and just radiate calm yourself. You do have to care about your dog, of course, but over-reassign is not going to help. Just snuggle up with him on the couch, chat with the rest of the group, read a book: just act normal. With peace in his environment, your dog will also be convinced faster that nothing is wrong.

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Can I give my dog ​​soothing medicine?

If all of the above solutions have no effect, then you wish there was a medicine to give your dog that would calm him down. This wish can be fulfilled, but only as a last resort. Most sedatives make it harder for your dog to move without addressing the root of the stress problem. The idea that animals cannot move when there is a lot of noise only brings them more fear. If you do choose to use medication, first discuss this with your vet in detail. You should also discuss this first with regard to herbal medication.

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My dog ​​is afraid of fireworks, therapy – is that an option?

Anxiety in dogs is treatable when it comes to being left alone, or the fear of strange people/animals. Dogs that get scared by fireworks are likely to be too scared by other loud noises, such as thunder. It is then good to ask yourself why exactly your dog does this. A therapy under the guidance of experts can help find the cause and so it can be tackled in a targeted manner. There can be several causes that trigger these fears.

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Less anxiety at the touch of a button

Another form of therapy is through sound clips. For example, you can play fireworks sounds, start softly and then build up the volume. This way you can train your dog to get used to the sound. However, a method like this takes a lot of time and should be practiced for several weeks.

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Further measures against the fear

In addition to the measures already taken, there are two other options that can reduce the fear of fireworks. While they are extraordinary solutions, they are worth a try. For example, there is ascent spray that spreads an artificial resting pheromone to your dog and makes him calmer, in addition, there are also other calming products worth trying. There are also dog trainers who use the T-touch method, developed by the Canadian Linda Tellington-Jones. With special actions, you can make your animal calmer.

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And at the next turn of the year?

Despite all these measures, many dog ​​owners are eagerly anticipating the next New Year’s Eve. Even if you have been able to calm your dog, it is still an exciting moment. The power of the fireworks and the frenzy of all people are all things that dogs don’t often like. It might be an idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a quieter place.

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