How can I stop my dog ​​from barking?

How can I stop my dog ​​from barking

Barking is a natural form of communication for dogs. However, if he barks uncontrollably, you need to intervene.

Many dogs react to everything by barking loudly. Of course, this behavior is normal in dogs. It’s their way of expressing themselves. But if your dog is barking out of control, you need to do something about it. Here we give you tips on how to stop your dog from barking.

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How much barking is normal?

Like humans, some dogs are taciturn and others chatty. chihuahuas, pointe, Pugs, Appenzeller Mountain Dogs orShepherds are generally considered to be more communicative breeds than, say great Danes, St. Bernards, Eurasians, or Irish Wolfhounds.

For all dog breeds, if the barking is acceptable and the dog listens to the owner when he has to stop, everything is fine. However, if your dog barks at every passer-by and visitor and doesn’t calm down, it’s often a sign of other causes.

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Why do dogs bark?

Dogs don’t just bark. They do it to express themselves. For example, they like to finally see you again.

However, when dogs bark excessively or in situations where it is undesirable, they are expressing negative feelings. A typical example of barking in unwanted situations is when you pass someone on the street or when your dog barks at people passing by its territory.

Insecurity, anxiety, frustration, or boredom are among the most common causes of excessive barking. Anything that can arouse your dog can also amplify the barking. A few examples:

  • Mood Transfer: When you get nervous, your dog gets nervous too.
  • Increased expectations: You are holding a ball. When are you going to throw?
  • You curse, but your dog thinks you’re barking too.
  • Your dog involuntarily has to approach the “danger” and becomes more and more afraid.

Barking is natural

Many dogs naturally guard their territory. They bark to show intruders where their territory is. They do this to the postman, passer-by, and the neighbor who only walks to his car.

Some hunting dogs also indicate by barking where the game is. So it’s no wonder that they prefer to be heard than other dogs. With such dogs, it’s not about completely suppressing the barking, and thus their nature. The goal is to make a short woof out of the long barking through education.

How can I stop my dog ​​from barking

Barking out of uncertainty

For example, if your dog barks at other dogs or passers-by, he is usually insecure or scared. Especially young dogs often suffer from this. For example, if you are on an escalator, they see it as a threat. It can also be other dogs.

Often the owner’s insecurity reinforces this behavior. If another dog comes near, keep the leash tight. Your dog notices that you are insecure. He will bark in defense. So you must clearly indicate that you are the leader and that you are not afraid.

Barking out of frustration and boredom

A major cause of constant barking can be frustrating. Dogs with too much energy like to see small things as a reason to bark. After all, very little happens and the superfluous energy has to go.

Intelligence must also be challenged. For example, think of tricks or short assignments while walking. An anti-bark training is only useful in a dog that has lost its energy.
Barking due to illness

Barking due to illness

Sometimes chronic pain or other complaints in combination with an illness cause excessive barking. A thyroid abnormality is often the cause of increased feelings of anxiety and stress sensitivity.

Before you start to train your dog to stop barking, it is, therefore, advisable to go to the vet. This is the only way to rule out that your dog barks a lot for health reasons.

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How can I stop my dog ​​from barking?

In order to stop your dog from barking, you need to know what the cause is. So listen and pay close attention to the situations in which your dog barks. You can usually deduce the causes from this.

For example, if your dog barks at people when they approach him, it often means he wants to protect and defend you. If he barks when you leave the house, it means your dog is bored or scared and doesn’t want to be alone.

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Stop barking from your dog with sports and games

Does your dog often bark because he is bored? Then you have to make him tired. Guide dogs also need to be challenged mentally and physically. Long walks, games of fetch, tracking down candies, and learning tricks together provide variety.

How can I stop my dog ​​from barking

Working dogs often have a lot of energy and perseverance. Dog sport offers him a possible outlet. Think of agility, tribal, dog dance of mantrailing: there is something for every dog.

Plus, joint activities strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Dogs that are physically and mentally active have more inner peace. They are more balanced and do not bark excessively.

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Give your dog security

If your dog barks out of insecurity and fear, you need to show him that you have everything under control. You may then have to build up a new relationship of trust with a lot of patience.

Convince your dog that you are confident and sovereign enough to run your own business. That is not always easy and it will not be possible right away. However, the following behavioral examples will help you show your dog that you are in control.

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5- Exercises to stop barking

1- At the front door

When the doorbell rings and the dog starts barking loudly, many owners literally try to stop their dog.

With dogs, this comes across as if you are also agitated by the bell. So your dog thinks his behavior is good. Your dog will also take gentle petting as praise for his behavior. Before you open the door, you should point your dog sweetly, but sternly, to a spot in the background. You’re gonna fix this!

Sitting still is rewarded, barking ignored. Visitors should not pay any attention to your barking dog. Only when your dog stops barking, as it is only a short breath, do you praise him.

By praising the positive behavior and ignoring the unwanted, you can influence his behavior.

2 – For joint walks

To show your dog that he can feel safe when out for a walk, put him on the leash before barking training. run line . Not as a punishment, but as an extension of your protection. Don’t let your dog lead the way. You set the pace and direction.

If you meet someone, walk slowly without holding the line or changing the pace. This way you offer your dog security and show him that barking is not necessary. Ignore the barking and reward him with food if he stays calm.

Tip: Proper leash handling can also help with barking. You decide where you go. Read more about walking quietly on a leash.

3 –  For dogs that feel left alone

The same goes for dogs that bark because their confidant leaves the house: barking should not be successful.

It is important to start with short exercises. Start by practicing leaving: for example, leave the house for 15 seconds without announcing (such as looking for the key or changing shoes). Go back inside as if nothing happened. Take off your coat and shoes, rattle the key and sit on the couch.

Build up your time outside slowly. Important: Before you leave your dog alone, he must have been quite busy.

4- For more certainty and structure in everyday life

In general, almost all dogs need security and structure. They need a strong pack leader they can rely on. You decide what happens, not your dog.

For example, start every morning with a small obedience exercise while walking. Teach him the most important commands and praise him when he executes them correctly on command. Have regular meals, walks, or playtimes together and show him that you are the leader.

The following also applies here: ignore undesirable behavior, reward positive behavior with food or play.

5 – For watchdogs

The barking of born-guard dogs should not be banned completely. Such dogs only do what they are naturally supposed to do. Instead, turn the barking into a controlled manner.

Show your dog that you are a team. He indicates you secure the territory How do you do that? If your dog barks, take him to the back and leave him there. You will then look at the “danger”. Walk to the window, gate, etc., take a good look and then calmly return to your dog. This shows that you appreciate his attentiveness but maintain control.

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Stopping your dog from barking: when should I go to dog school?

With consistent training, you can stop a puppy from barking with relatively little effort. The older the dog is, the more patience you will need.

Don’t hesitate to seek expert help for you and your dog. A visit to the dog school, the vet or the dog therapist can help for more peace in everyday life.

Expert advice from a dog trainer is also helpful if you don’t know why your dog is barking. Especially on the leash, it is not always clear why your dog is barking. Is he excited, scared or aggressive? Controlled social contacts with peers under the guidance of an experienced trainer can help.

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Stop barking from your dog: not with an electronic collar!

Electronic collars may seem practical, but if your dog barks, he immediately receives an electric shock as a punishment. Your dog is scared of this. This method is only effective in the short term. This means that you cannot stop your dog from barking in the long term.

So why is an electronic collar not a good idea? You only counteract the symptom, not the cause. If your dog barks out of insecurity, an electric shock will make him even more scared than he already was. He may not bark now, but he is panicking more. If your dog barks because he still has too much energy, he will look for another outlet.

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