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This Video Blog was provided by a podcast interview I participated with Nihal Salah from Rescue Tails podcast. Check out the Rescue Tails Podcast by clicking here! 


VIDEO BLOG TOPIC: Reliable Recall

In this video blog I am interviewed by Nihal Salah, host of Rescue Tails podcast, where she asked me about how to get a reliable recall in dogs. We discuss a specific video of my dog, Journey, chasing ducks in a pond and then coming back to me when I called him.

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The Secret Recipe To Recall

Recall (coming when called) can be a very difficult skill to teach because you need to be consistent, you need to have a relationship and connection with the dog and you need to be the most motivating thing in the environment. If a dog finds another dog, person or other distraction in the environment to be more motivating and exciting then you, your dog is not going to respond to you. The most difficult dog I find to train a recall to is the hound group because they are so motivated and driven by their nose! I also find dogs who are predatory (dogs who want to chase other animals) to be very challenging to train a recall.

Training Needs to be Enjoyable!

As we explore in this video blog, training needs to be enjoyable, not just for you, but your dog too! When I train dogs to come when called, I train them by playing many different recall games to make it fun and enjoyable as this builds reliability and relationship! Check out this video of one of the games I teach called Restraint Recall (click here). In this video you will see the joy between the dogs and the owners.

Check out this video of my puppy Quest at 14 weeks old with her off-leash recall!

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Here is the link to the episode the Rescue Tails website.

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