The Art of Training Your Dog – Marc Goldberg and The Monks of NEW SKETE

The Canine Revolution

When i was about 13-15 i dug deep into reading books on dog training. One of the first books on dog training i got from the local library was by the Monks of New Skete so fast forward over 25 years and im reading another book by the Monks Of New Skete and Marc Goldberg.

This book here is great for any novice to experienced dog trainer with the gold nuggets inside. I loved learning about the practical approach to training dogs with collars and leads and then moving onto the e collar transformations. There is a full 6 week program inside so you can follow along with your dog and their training step by step.

To buy this book The Art Of Training Your Dog – How To Gently Teach Good Behaviour Using an ECollar you can use this link here!  

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