Puppy Training Wollongong

Puppy Training Wollongong

Puppy Training Wollongong

So the day has finally come and you bought yourself a little beautiful puppy and knowing you want to do everything right you have bought dog toys, the best food you can afford, fluffy toys, dog beds and all.  With all the join in the world you set on your way to pick your puppy up from the breeder or even a rescue shelter. You get them home and play with them all day. You laugh at their cheeky attitudes, how they play bite on your pants as you try and run away. A few weeks on the little toilet training has become a problem, the biting is now hurting and you start to research dog trainers in your area. Puppy Training Wollongong, puppy Training near me and come up with a list of dog trainers. So where do you go from here.. Pick on and hope for the best? Well what methods do you use? So many options and you dont know what to do to fix these problems.

Ok ill cut to the chase and tell you some key things to remember in puppy dog training.

  • Crate Training your dog – This will help you establish a good toilet training routine and method
  • Food – they eat it so use it to help them learn how to sit, how to lay down, how to go to their bed. Help them work for it (NO FREE FEEDING)
  • Play – You should be the light in their eye. All good thing need to come from you including fun play
  • NOW – What they are like until 16 weeks of age will be good indication of what they will be like for life so training your puppy now.

We can help you with your puppy training today. We have trainers in Wollongong, the Illawarra NSW, and Campbelltown Areas ready to help.

Online Puppy Training Program can be taken from anywhere in the world click here PUPPY DOG TRAINING

Call 0414 25 11 77

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