Dog is trained – your turn! — Find Your Balance Dog Training

Dog is trained - your turn! — Find Your Balance Dog Training

I thought you said this dog was trained??!! She is! But are you? Are you an active participant in the lifestyle? And in each moment which is a ‘conversation’ with the dog?

Training has the potential to happen in every second of interaction with your dog every day… because ‘training’ doesn’t have a start or an end… it is a way of life. A habitual way of interacting and connecting with your dog. Once you start ‘training’ you never finish… if you stop ‘training’ things just go back (more or less) to the way they way they were before. It’s like working out at the gym. Once you’ve lost that 10 lbs and toned up if you stop working out then you gain that back. If you want to stay in shape then working out MUST become your way of daily life. The same is true of ‘training’. If you want your dog to remain ‘trained’ then it MUST become a part of your daily life and way of interacting with your dog.

The myth about training that you can do a 4 week program of 1 class per week and your dog will be ‘trained’…. that’s a grand total of 4 measly hours… a drop in the bucket compared to the time you spend interacting with your dog during her lifetime. If you think about training as a conversation, then you wouldn’t talk to a family member for only 4 hours and then go silent for the rest of their life. No, you would continue to talk, grown, teach, learn and have fun together life long because training, like talking, only works AND lasts if you are actively communicating.

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