Amanda Matoske: Building True Rapport With Natural Dog Training


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Today’s Guest

Amanda Matoske:

I’m so excited to introduce to you today’s guest, Amanda Matoske, a kind, gentle dog trainer that has based her training career on the incredible teachings of dog training legend, Kevin Behan.

In 2014, Amanda read Kevin’s book, Your Dog Is Your Mirror, and her life was changed forever. Since that time, she’s trained under Kevin and his apprentices, utilizing their mentorship to learn the art of building true rapport with any dog. 

In 2018, she left her 10 year career and committed to training dogs full time.

If you’re curious about the incredible method that Amanda uses, this is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

You’ll Hear About

  • [01:00] Who is Amanda Matoske 
  • [03:00] How Amanda’s Approach to Training is Different  
  • [04:50] The Story of Kevin’s Training Approach 
  • [08:30] This History of Domesticated Dogs    
  • [10:50] Kevin’s Training Theory 
  • [11:40] Push Training Tactic 
  • [18:00] Collecting Exercise    
  • [22:00] Speak Training Tactic  
  • [26:30] Protection Training Story 
  • [28:30] The Similarities Between Horses and Dogs   
  • [31:50] Rub-a-Dub Training Tactic
  • [34:00] Bite and Carry Training Tactic 
  • [40:30] Get More Info on Natural Dog Training


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