3 Tips To Prevent Separation Anxiety – Greenville Dog Training

3 Tips To Prevent Separation Anxiety - Greenville Dog Training

 Helping Your Dog Cope When You Go Back To Work


Embracing the Change

Has COVID-19 sent your mind into a spiraling frenzy of how to handle change again when our lives go back to “normal”? Will this actually be our new normal? Who’s to say, but what I do know is I’ve personally had a lot of, “Well, what’s going to happen if…?” moments.

In the midst of those thoughts, many of our clients have been asking us how to deal with their dog’s separation anxiety when they go back out into the working world. Now that we have adapted to our new home working environment, it may take a bit of getting used to to actually go back to “normal.”


Tips To Prevent Dog Separation Anxiety

We can all agree it is very stressful for a dog to have such a significant change in routine, as it is for us humans, but there is hope if your dog suffers from separation anxiety. These are tips you can even start implementing now so when you do go back to work, it becomes more of a smooth transition rather than a reality check.

You know your dog. You’ll notice a difference if they become very stressed and agitated by change.

Because of that, it’s very important to begin placing these tips into your everyday routine to teach them, this is going to be our new “normal.” This will help with avoiding separation anxiety all together if it has never been an issue for you and your dog before.

Crating Your Dog | Alone Time Is Normal

To achieve the best success, start crating your dog when you’re at home. Especially if you crate your dog when you’re not home. 

Even if you normally leave your dog out throughout the day, you unfortunately can’t pretend that you’re not home when you are home. Crating your dog just temporarily during the quarantine is a way to make sure your dog has that separation from you and becomes better acquainted with being by themselves.

If you go for a walk mid day, don’t take them sometimes. Leave the house, crate them, come home, let them out. Other times, bring them along with you. It’s important that they exercise of course, but it’s even more important that they know it’s okay to be alone. Alone is normal, even if you’re still in the house.

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How Often I Crate?

If you are working remotely from home, we completely understand if you feel like crating your dog during the entirety of your work schedule is too much. You now have the opportunity to spend more quality time with your furry friend(s) and personally, I wouldn’t want my dog cooped up during quarantine either.

It isn’t necessary to crate them eight hours a day Monday through Friday.

Crating your dog at random will give them a sense to be ready for anything. They need to be capable of maintaining their independence without fearing separation. 

If they’re on the exact same crating schedule day after day during this training, they may begin to expect it. They will recognize routine and although that’s not exactly a bad thing, we want your dog to be able to be okay with whatever comes their way. Regardless if it’s over the weekend, a night out, or during work hours.


Maintain A Feeding Schedule | Recognizing Anxiety

Quarantine, am I right? A lot of families are waking up later and going to bed later. Some have even expressed to us that they’ve completely changed their dog’s feeding routine because of it. 

Now this may not seem like a big deal, but when you go back to work and you begin feeding your dog very early every morning and then later on at night, it’s yet another change in their routine.

Routine change equals uncertainty and anxiety. 

Try to maintain their feeding schedule for what it was before or if you do change it to coincide with your new schedule, keep it that way going forward. Whether you feed them multiple times a day or just once a day, routine matters.



Although these changes are very subtle, they will really have a huge impact in making sure your dog doesn’t develop severe separation anxiety. Even if you’re spending a few days at the office and the remainder of the week at home, your dog will be better prepared to have some alone time.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. And most of all, enjoy this extra time with your dog. 🙂


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