2 Ways to Help Your Dog Potty During Storms – Greenville Dog Training

2 Ways to Help Your Dog Potty During Storms - Greenville Dog Training

Weathering Hurricanes with Your Dog



Let it Rain

Have you had to endure a hurricane and had no idea how to help your dog potty during storms? Maybe they hate the rain or being wet, or it’s too unsafe to exit your home. If you ever find yourself caught up in an emergency situation, we have a few ways to help weather the storm.

In times of stress, it’s not uncommon for dogs to go 24-72 hours without going to the bathroom. But, there are important signs to look for.

This is not ideal for their health, of course, though it generally isn’t a cause for concern in most circumstances. It may even be accompanied by your pup not eating. The most important thing to pay attention to is that they’re drinking water. If they are not drinking water, eating, or going to the bathroom, it’s best to reach out to your vet as soon as possible.

With these suggestions, there will always be the risk that no matter what option you choose, your dog may have accidents inside afterwards. A multitude of different things can contribute to this, but it can definitely stem from stress or missed routine. Dog’s stress can sometimes be better identified in the aftermath of what caused it.


Sensibility & Stress

Did you know that your dog can sense changes in nature? As barometric pressure changes, your dog’s sensibility to their environment will change as well. That’s why a lot of us have observed our dog’s behavior change right before a storm rolls in. This will immediately trigger their stress response. It’s why being able to help your dog potty during storms and set them at ease is so important.

If it’s too unsafe to bring your dog outdoors, designate a spot in the home for them to use as their potty area. You can use a potty pad, towel, or even a trash bag. The trash bag option may be a little uncomfortable as far as texture for your pup, but it will make clean up a lot easier. Be sure to let them potty in an area they don’t normally have access to, such as the garage or a bathroom they don’t usually go in. This will eliminate the possibility of them pottying in that area after the hurricane or storm rolls through.

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Crating Your Dog 

In between potty breaks, it’s also suggested to crate your dog. They’re less likely to have accidents within their own little safe space.

If you know your dog is due to go potty, take them to the special spot you’ve designated in your home. If they don’t go, have them crate up again for about 20-30 minutes. After that time has passed, bring them back to the potty area. Repeat the process until it’s successful. This way if you need to shower or nap as the storm rolls through, it’ll be a much less stressful process once they’re conditioned to it.

If you’re having any issues with crate training, be sure to check out our blog here: No More Anti Crate Excuses 

The Aftermath

We highly recommend keeping your dog on a leash for about one to two weeks post chaos. This will help as they adjust back into their normal routine.

If you do have trouble with them having accidents within the home, especially if it was never a problem before, you’ll be able to correct the behavior more easily when they’re on leash. Once you see them begin to circle the room, you can begin to lead them outside via the leash to go back to their normal potty routine. Remember to be patient as you help your dog potty during storms. This process may be a little frustrating. In their mind, they may have just gone through something traumatic and easing them back into what they used to do is best.



Sometimes the reality of extreme situations is you just have to let your dog potty in the house. You may not always have the opportunity to do it the right way. If they do so, It’s important to remember to keep your calm as much as possible since your pup can feed off of your negative energy. There are a few ways that we can try to make them feel comfortable while in these uncomfortable situations so they don’t develop a habit in the future of having accidents within the home. If you continue to have issues after post traumatic stress, please reach out to a professional for help.




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