Valuable and useful information about living together with your four-legged friend and the latest news about keeping a dog….

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In the dog magazine you will find everything about dogs: from the different characters of dog breeds to useful information about the adoption of your future darling. What is a dog? How do you choose him or does he choose you? What is the best preparation and how does he best get to know you before moving in with you? What basic equipment do you need and how do you welcome your new dog?

The dog magazine tells you where in any case should pay attention to the education . Which training is suitable for which breed? How can you playfully and positively influence your dog’s behavior? What tips are indispensable for raising puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs? How do you respond best to aggressive behavior such as barking, growling or snapping. What can you do about it?

Health, nutrition, training for dogs and much more

Advice is given on both the health and the care of your darling. In the magazine you will find information about diseases, the first signs and common symptoms. Find out what you can do against parasites and which vaccinations your dog undoubtedly needs. The magazine covers issues that are important for breeders to breed. In addition, it also deals with the problems of the individual dog owner, such as physical care. How often should you wash, brush or shave your pet?

Important nutrition tips and information about common dog food and about specific diets in case of overweight, intolerances and allergies or illnesses are also given.

But the subjects of travel and transport are also not left out of consideration. How far in advance should you prepare a trip regarding the different modes of transport: car, train, bus, plane? What size and weight is your dog allowed to fly? Do you need to consider a country’s climate and traditional customs when traveling with your dog?

But of course the dog magazine also covers important everyday questions, for example about games and sports . How much exercise does your four-legged friend need, which breed likes which activities? What are the latest ideas and products for playing with dogs? Which lines are suitable for jogging together? Why doesn’t your darling want to play with other dogs? What to do if your four-legged friend is afraid of peers?

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