My dog ​​is afraid of storms: why? What I do?

The sound that storms produce generates debate among many people. There are those who think it is relaxing and there are others who are terrified. In the case of pets, the most common is for the latter to happen. Why is a dog afraid of storms? What can you do to help him? We give you the answers!

How do I know if my dog ​​is afraid of storms?

Seeing our dog terrified when a storm is about to start or during it is not something pleasant and even more so when we do not know why it is like this.

A very scared dog may instinctively act to save itself and end up doing a lot of harm. There are dogs that, in the face of storms, run to take refuge in a place where they believe they can be protected.

On many occasions this is the case, but on others they try to escape by jumping from very high floors, they try to make holes in the ground, get into places that are too narrow, etc. with fatal results.

Besides this, It is very normal for their restlessness and attempts to escape to be accompanied by tremors, to look everywhere looking for the source of the sound, panting, barking and / or crying. Some even cannot control themselves and pee and poop indoors without this being normal for them.

On the other hand, in very extreme cases, not only can they harm themselves, but they can display aggressive behaviors.

Due to all this, it is essential to understand why my dog ​​is afraid of storms and to try to help him in those circumstances. If you don’t, that fear can get worse over time.

Why is my dog ​​afraid of storms?

The most common answer is that a dog is afraid of storms from the sound of thunder. As we know, the hearing sense of dogs is much more developed than ours, so the noise caused by thunder, they hear much more amplified.

It is normal, in these cases, that fear and insecurity take hold of them and they run for refuge or become frantic because they want to know where that sound comes from in order to flee from it.

However, thunder is not the only reason furry storms are uncomfortable. There are more reasons:

  • The darkening of the sky.
  • The noise of the wind.
  • The drop in barometric pressure (dogs can feel it).
  • Static electricity buildup on their fur.
  • The sound of rain hitting windows, rooftops, etc.

Reasons why a dog is afraid of storms

While it is true that not all dogs have a phobia of storms, yes that the majority show some type of restlessness. The problem is usually greater in shepherd dog breeds.

What do I do if my dog ​​is afraid of storms?

If you know that your dog is afraid of storms, you must act. It is clear that your company helps, but surely you have verified that many times your pet does not want to stay by your side, but runs away to hide. Therefore, we give you some tricks so that this fear is reduced.

Let him hide where he wants

The first thing you should be clear about is that If the dog wants to go hide, it is because where it is, it does not feel safe. Therefore, you should not force your pet to stay by your side if he does not want to, as that will only increase the panic.

Of course, keep a close eye on where you want to hide, because, as we have said, sometimes they look for shelters that can truly be a risk to their life. In those cases, you do have to intervene to prevent harm from being done.

Minimize sounds

The less intense the sounds caused by the storms, the easier it will be to calm the animal.

If you detect that your dog is afraid of storms, the first thing you should do is close doors, windows, blinds, etc.. so that it is heard as little as possible.

On the other hand, if your dog is used to the sound of television or music and you know that it does not make him nervous, then you can also hide the storm by turning them on.

Awards and distractions

When the fear is mild, sometimes it is enough to distract the dog a little so that it will forget what is happening. For this there is nothing better than to play with him with his favorite toys: balls, ropes, etc.

Besides, you can also give it a snack or canine bauble when the first signs of a storm appear.

The purpose of all this is to associate something that your pet enchants with the storm and thus counteract any negative stimuli.

Calm, caresses and words

If you are a person who gets nervous when faced with storms, doing so will not help the dog. This will detect your fear and / or nervousness, so it will get worse.

In the same way, he will notice it if you get angry or if the nerves come from not knowing what to do to calm him down. For all this, staying as calm as possible is essential to help our pets in this situations.

What’s more, calm and comfort your pet with your caresses and nice words approaching you is another way to help you. Affectionate contact has a positive effect on the animal.

petting can help a dog that is afraid of storms

Manufactured storms

Another technique for treating mild storm phobias is to accustom your dog to them. It is not easy to predict when storms will occur or with what intensity. Thus, Recordings of them can be used so that the dog can listen to them by controlling their frequency and intensity.

You can start by turning them to a very low volume while you play with your dog or it receives any type of positive stimulus: rewards, caresses, etc. Repeat this for several days. Then, little by little, increase the volume of the recording on different days.

The goal is to increase your dog’s ability to remain calm in the face of the sound of the storm. This way, when it really happens, it will at least handle the noises better.

The process to stop your dog from being afraid of storms will be long. What’s more, the fear probably won’t go away completely, but the situation will become much more bearable.

When fear is excessive and cannot be controlled, a veterinarian can be consulted to prescribe some calming medication. You can also resort to more natural techniques, such as Bach flowers, but also under the supervision of a specialist.

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