How to Train Your Dog to Beg in 5 simple steps


When you train your dog to beg, it will always give you its undivided attention. The dog knows that if it pleases the owner then there are rewards; usually food or treats of some sort. It felt comfortable doing this because its owner has felt like close friends with each other. If the dog does not obey the command to beg then it will be punished. So the point of begging is to get something good out of it.

Training your dog for this command is to find a treat that smells really good to the dog, something like bacon or steak would work well, but make sure you do not give too much food otherwise it will get sick. Next, be sure to choose a command such as “give me your paw” and then hold the treat near the dog’s nose. The dog will usually naturally raise its paw up to get it so you can put the treat in between his paws and give him lots of praise and say something like: “Good boy.”

This process can take a while and can even irritate your dog but you must remain persistent. They will eventually learn that when they put their paw up, they get rewarded with the treat. So once this is done, then you need to raise the next step which means telling them to ‘give me your other paw’ and use the same procedure as before.

If it becomes too much to handle, then you can train your dog to beg by rewarding it with a treat every time that its paw goes up. This is not as effective but still works pretty well because the dog will eventually learn what you are asking it for and do all of this by itself without you having to hold the treat. If you are training your dog to beg, it is important that you understand that this is a command so be very firm when you say it.

Before you start this training program, have the dog on its leash because there are times when they will want to explore around and not focus on what you are trying to do. If the dog does not obey the command, try not to get angry at it and continue training.

The reason why you train your dog is to help it understand what you want from it. If you suddenly start getting mad or upset then that means there is an issue in the relationship between owner and pet. Once the dog learns how to beg, then do not expect it to beg all the time because when it is done with its begging, it will stop.

Remember that training your dog in order for them to be able to beg can take a while, so do not get discouraged if they don’t learn in an hour or two, this command may take days or even weeks before you see results. These tips should help you train your dog to beg.

Begging is a very easy command to teach your dog, but not so much for others. Some people have told me that they had trouble training their pup to beg using treats or food.

Make it Fun for them

The first step in teaching your pet how to beg is by getting them used to have their paws on the ground. Make it seem like a fun thing for them. Get your dog or used to standing up by using treats or food, then ask them to put their paws on the ground for an even bigger reward. Once they get comfortable with this concept, start getting more creative with what you can have your pet do for a treat. For example, if you are teaching your dog to beg for food, get a big bowl and put some treats inside of it. Have your pet sit or lay by the bowl while you hold their leash tight to keep it from going near the bowl. Once you see your dog trying to interact with the bowl in any way by sniffing around, wagging its tail, etc., give them a treat.

It’s okay to make your dog beg for food if it is hungry because you don’t want them to become obese, but only give them a treat or two once they’ve done what you asked them to do. This will not be an easy step in training your pet to beg. With all the distractions inside of the house and outside, it can be difficult to get your pet to sit or lay next to the bowl. Treats help them follow through with what you’ve asked them to do, but don’t give them all of the treats at once because they might not want to continue with what you’re trying to teach them. If you already have your dog begging for food, you can try teaching them to beg for toys instead.

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Using Tricks

The second step in training your pet to beg is by having it do tricks that involve its paws. You can have your dog sit down and then show them a treat with the goal of getting their one paw up in the air just enough so they can grab the treat without you having to put it in their mouth. Once they have learned how to do this, then start being more demanding with what you have your dog do for a treat. You can have them sit and then lift a paw up in the air without any help from you. If your pet is comfortable doing this, then you can move on to making them lift up both paws in the air.

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Using Treats or Food

The third step to training your pet to beg is to get them comfortable with standing on two legs by using treats or food. Have your dog sit and then you slowly move the treat closer and closer so they stand up so they can reach it. If your dog gets frustrated while doing this, then you might not want to continue with the training. Make it seem like a game for them so they can enjoy doing what you ask them to do. You can even give your pet treats while they are standing up on two legs if they are comfortable with this.

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Getting them comfortable

The next step in teaching your dog how to beg is by getting them comfortable with standing completely still without any help. Hold your pet’s leash so they can’t run away and place a treat right in front of them. If they can reach the treat, then reward them for doing what you asked them to do. You should keep upping whatever it takes to get your dog to stand still until they are willing to do it without any help.

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Holding the bowl

The last step in training your pet to beg is by holding the bowl steady for them so they can reach the treats inside of it. This might be a challenge because you have to make sure that your dog doesn’t knock over the bowl or tip it over when trying to eat the food, but that’s the only way they are going to learn how to do this. You can put some soft pillows up against the bowl in case your dog knocks it over so nothing spills out of it and break it in the process.

It might take a while for your dog to get used to begging for food because you need to make sure they’re comfortable and not uncomfortable with any of the steps you’ve asked them to do. If you are having trouble training your pet to beg for food, then go back a few steps until they will successfully complete it without looking frustrated or confused. While training your dog, only give them treats for doing what you have asked them to do so it doesn’t take too long for them to learn how to beg.

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