Dogs and children. How to make sure they develop a good relationship

We will never tire of remembering that a dog is not a toy. In fact, the relationship between dogs and children It is one of the most enriching experiences that our little ones can enjoy. Therefore, it is convenient that this link is established correctly from the first moment. Let’s take some advice from the experts!

1. First contacts between dogs and children, always under the supervision

The arrival of a dog at home is an exciting event for your children. But, especially if they have not had contact with a dog before, it is essential that you do not leave them alone. Especially the little ones, from babies to 4-5 years old, are not aware that dogs can misinterpret some of their gestures.

You should be present to avoid them getting upset and scared because they would get defensive. And furthermore, your example is the easiest way to show them what the proper behavior is

2. Learning about how to communicate

Take advantage of this first stage of supervision to explain to your children that dogs and children have different languages, so they have to learn their dog’s “language” to understand with him. Surely posed as a challenge and a game, the little ones feel much more motivated to discover how to communicate with their dog.

Basically, it’s about teaching them that your dog is intimidated if he stares into your eyes or comes up sharply to hug you. In addition, you must know how to interpret some gestures and body movements of the dog:

  • When he wags his tail and lowers his head and body, he is conveying how happy he feels.
  • If his ears are raised and his tail is still facing upward, he is alert and tense.
  • Crawling on the ground or throwing his ears back and tucking his tail between his paws, means that he is very scared or afraid of something.

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3. Establish basic rules of coexistence

From minute zero, the relationship between dogs and children has to build on respect. As with the rest of the family members, there are certain rules of coexistence to comply with:

  • The dog is not disturbed while eating or sleeping.
  • It does not stretch out of the ears or tail.
  • If your dog wants to move or move away, you have to let him go, we never try to restrain him.
  • No games that inconvenience or harm the dog: it is not taught a treat and then it is not given, things are not forcibly removed from its mouth, nor is it ordered to do something without rhyme or reason.
  • The child will never be responsible for punishing or educating the dog, that is the exclusive task of adults.

Now, it only remains to see how dogs and children enjoy each other’s company. From Mascoteros We believe that it is an incredible experience, worth trying first-hand. And, in our magazine, you will find ideas to make life even more fun, happy and healthy.

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