5 easy tricks kids can teach their dog

Our children love to share their time with animals, play, hang out … In this post we also show you how children can, through simple tricks, train their dog.

We have already talked in this blog about the benefits of coexistence between dogs and children, and the responsibility that they can acquire in the care and education of animals with those who live. On this occasion, we bring you some simple tricks that can help the training and training of our dog, while improving the relationship and family life.

Recommendations for a child to train a dog

We must take into account a series of recommendations that will be very important when the smallest of the house can train with the dog:

1.- All the activities that we carry out must be supervised by an adult who can guarantee the well-being and integrity of both the canine part and the human part.

2.- The materials that we use in training must be adapted to it, avoiding the use of excessively short leashes, hanging or punishment collars or other elements that may cause pain or injury to the dog.

3.- There are many training models, but the ones that provide the best performance and also respect the well-being of the dogs, are those based on positive reinforcement (rewards).

In this sense, you can use both teether-type toys or balls, as well as quality snacks that are adapted to the nutritional needs of the dog.

4.- Remember that, as we have discussed on previous occasions, bonding and communication with the dog is very important. So if you haven’t worked on this yet, start there.

5.- Take into account the age and characteristics of both the child and the dog and adapt the time and characteristics of the training based on the above.

Thus, once these safeguards are made, we would already be able to carry out very simple training sessions that serve to promote learning in the dog and to improve coexistence among all.

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Basic obedience, a classic that always triumphs

Teaching our dogs simple exercises is a perfect way of training for children.

We can start by teaching a very simple technique called “luring” or food tracking. This technique is simple and straightforward for both parties:

The child must take a snack in his hand and wait for the dog to follow the lure in the direction the child considers. The simplest thing is that the child walks in one direction and the dog can follow the path. You should be calm and not bite your food (or your hand!). At the end of the tour we consider, we will say “very good” and reward with the snack.

Once the dog understands the rule: if he follows the food in a calm and concentrated way, he will get it; we are in a position to teach new behavior. To do this, we can choose some simple exercises like the ones we expose below.

Some Easy Tricks Kids Can Train With Their Dog
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1.- Walk in the position of together

If the child walks forward with the arm close to the body (holding the snack), the dog should walk in them “together” position. It must neither be late nor ahead. In the beginning, we will make short trips in a straight line. Little by little, we can increase the difficulty of the exercise, making turns and increasing the time and distance traveled.

5 easy tricks kids can teach their dog

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2.- Sitting position

If the child faces the dog and carries the food from the dog’s nose and then over his head, the dog should sit up. This movement is a movement that involves a motor pattern. That is, if the dog raises his head to follow the lure, the combination of muscles he must move will make the dog sit up. Once seated, we will inform you with a “very good” and, later, we will reward you with the snack.

5 easy tricks kids can teach their dog

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3.- Lying position

Starting from the sitting position, or with the dog on all fours and the child facing the front, now we will take the snack between the front legs of the dog in a diagonal movement up and down from the child’s chest to that position between the legs.

It is important not to walk forward or backward because if we do, it is possible that the dog will go backward or forwards without lying down.

When the dog has rested its four legs on the ground, we will proceed to verbalize the “very good” and then the snack.

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4.- Bump the leg

This is an exercise that the smallest of the house usually likes a lot and for its realization, we need the dog to be in the sitting position.

The child will face the dog and offer the snack on the palm of his hand as if he were going to hit it. The dog will begin to perform different actions, from trying to catch the food, barking … until the time will come when it tries to touch the food with its paw. At that time, we verbalize “very well” and reward with the snack.

5 easy tricks kids can teach their dog

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5.- Turn around (turn on itself)

To carry out this exercise, it is necessary for the dog to be on all fours or sitting facing the child.

On this occasion, the child will offer the prize at the height of the nose and will take it towards the beginning of the tail making a circle (to the right or to the left). Depending on the height of the child and the size of the dog, the adult may have to help start this activity.

Working on obedience from a friendly and fun point of view for children and dogs is a good plan to enjoy as a family, improve the relationship between the human and canine part and, of course, for our dog to learn simple tricks that make coexistence and communication easier.

5 easy tricks kids can teach their dog

What do you think of our tricks to practice children and dogs? Have any of them taught it to your furry at home? Tell us about your experience!


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