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Exercise for dogs is important and necessary. There are many sporting activities for anyone who needs even more exercise in addition to walking. But what exactly is dog sport? And which one is right for you and your animal? Here you will find out why you should not ignore dog sports…

Sports for dogs – what exactly is it?

Dog sport is an umbrella term for almost all activities that the dog and owner can perform together. The emphasis is on fun and movement.


What are the benefits of dog sport for the dog and its owner?

Dogs need a lot of exercises. Dog sports are the ideal way to ensure that your dog has sufficient physical and mental challenges. Your dog is more relaxed and balanced. You can see that in his behavior. In some dog breeds, it is even necessary to challenge the animals in a sporting way to prevent negative behavior.


In addition, dog sports are also very effective in strengthening and deepening the bond between humans and animals.


With a dog by your side, you also immediately have a free trainer. The dog is merciless and will motivate you with its barking and will not make excuses. Overcome your own laziness and let your dog awaken the beast in you!


Which dog sport is the right one?

There are various possibilities. The dog should be kept occupied in such a way that it can expend its energy. It is also important that the effort matches his physical condition. The breed and individual character of the dog are decisive. It is important that your dog has enough exercise. You can also offer him activities that appeal to your dog’s learning capacity and ability to concentrate.



Canicross is a real trend sport, canicrossers run faster than walkers and you are connected to your dog with a flexible leash. The dog is quite ahead of the curve and pulls you along, increasing the pace! This is considered an effective workout that trains many unusual muscle groups and provides great fun with your dog in the great outdoors. With a special leash, a suitable harness, and an abdominal belt for the athlete you and your dog can start.



Agility, or agility, is a sport where you and your dog have to work closely together. It is the intention that the dog completes a course without errors as quickly as possible, this course consists of different obstacles. The most important thing is that you have a lot of fun with this sport together with your dog!

For a small agility course in your own garden, you will find various obstacles such as slalom poles, seesaws, and tunnels on our website.


Don’t forget to reward your dog with a tasty snack when he’s done everything right!

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