What Is Leishmania In Dogs?

What is Leishmania?

Leishmania is a parasite that is transmitted by an insect bite from mosquitoes or sand flies. Currently it only occurs around the Mediterranean and further south. The mosquitoes and sand flies are only active during the night and at sunset. In addition to the specific times, it must also be windless before your dog can be stung. So it depends on several factors when these critters take action. The sand-fly season starts in May and ends in October.

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What Are the Symptoms of Leishmania?

Poor appetite
sleep a lot
Skin problems
bleeding nose
Sore eyes

The parasite is injected into the dog’s skin after which it migrates through the lymphatic system to various internal organs. As a result, the symptoms of Leishmania are very diverse.

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How should I treat Leishmania?

The disease cannot be cured, but it is treatable. The treatment will be necessary for life. Unfortunately, you can’t always be quick because it sometimes takes a few years before your dog actually becomes ill from the infection. Of course, this also depends on your dog’s immune system. When detected very early, it is very treatable. The later, the greater the chance of permanent symptoms in your dog.

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How Can I Prevent Leishmania In My Dog?

It is very important to prevent Leishmania by using a tick tape. Be sure to start with this well in advance before heading to the south of Europe with your dog. Unfortunately, this tick collar or something similar will not protect your dog 100% against Leishmania. That is why it remains important to let your dog in at sunset and during the night.

If your dog has certain complaints, most complaints will disappear by taking certain medicines (on the advice of your vet or pharmacist). In addition to the medicines, it also seems interesting to me to do a blood test ( All information about blood tests for your dog | AniCura Nederland ) every 6 months. After the dog tests positive again here, the vet will start with a course of tablets.

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Is Leishmania also contagious in humans?

I certainly don’t want to scare you, but people are also susceptible to this parasite. On the one hand, it can be done through a direct transfer from the mosquitoes or sand flies. In addition, a transfer can also occur between dogs and humans via skin lesions. So be careful.

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