How do you know if a dog has a fever?


Yes, just like people, dogs can also have bouts of fever. However, they have their own peculiarities.

The body temperature of dogs is different from that of humans. Moreover, within the animals themselves, this temperature also differs if it is an adult dog or a puppy. Therefore, How do you know if a dog has a fever?

The body temperature average of any dog ​​is around 38 degrees Celsius. Puppies, meanwhile, tend to have this temperature a little lower, standing around 34-36 degrees Celsius. In people, on the other hand, this normal body temperature can range between 36 and 37 degrees.

How do you know if a dog has a fever?

Considering these temperature levels, it is not difficult to answer the question: How do i know if my dog ​​has a fever?

Usually the episode of fever occurs in adult dogs when their body temperature exceeds 39 degrees Celsius. Fever values ​​are normal between 39 and 41 degrees. But if it exceeds this last figure, you have to go urgently to the vet to lower the fever and find out what the possible causes of it are.

However, it must be taken into account that these values ​​can change depending on the circumstances and characteristics of each dog. Not only with regard to age, since the fever can also be different depending on the breed of the animal or its own physical characteristics.

In any case the best will be place a digital thermometer in the dog’s rectal area. In today’s market there are special thermometers for dogs. They are usually more flexible than the usual ones to better insert it in this area of ​​the animal. If the measurement result is between 39.4 and 40.6 degrees Celsius, the fever is moderate. Above these values ​​we would find ourselves faced with a high fever.

If the animal’s temperature exceeds 41.5 degrees it would be a episode of severe fever. In this case, it would be necessary to go urgently to the vet. It will be this specialist who offers the best guidelines for the treatment of the animal.

However, it must always be borne in mind that fever in dogs is a defense mechanism. A physical sign that the animal’s immune system is acting against pathogens.


Now it is worth asking how to know if a puppy he has fever. We have already seen that the average body temperature is significantly lower than that of adult dogs. In addition, in most dogs, when they are one month old, this body temperature rises from 34-36 to 37 degrees Celsius.

This is why if the puppy’s temperature is above these values, it is very likely that the dog will have an episode of fever. As with adult dogs, the puppy will need to be placed a digital thermometer in the rectal area.

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Can I tell if a dog has a fever without a thermometer?

The most common way to know if my dog ​​has a fever is by placing a thermometer in the rectal area of ​​the animal. However, if you do not have a thermometer at the moment, there are a series of indications that give an answer to how to tell if a dog has a fever without a thermometer.

First of all, you can touching the area of ​​the ears, belly or groin. If they are very hot (or hotter than normal), it is very likely that the dog has a fever. The nose is also another area that can appear very hot or too dry if the animal has a fever.

In addition, there are a number of symptom that the dog may present and that are also indicative of a fever state. The most common is that the animal has watery eyes, pant more than usual, have chills and its general state is apathy. Usually also will spend much longer sleep than normal, you will feel weak and unwilling to eat or go outside to play or walk.



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