Why does my dog ​​vomit white foam?

There are various causes why our dog may cough, retch, vomit white foam or make strange noises, some of them may be a specific problem, however, if this occurs frequently our pet may be suffering from a more serious pathology and the most It is advisable to go to your trusted veterinarian.

Here we explain many of the causes that may be causing these vomiting and coughs.

What can cause white foam vomiting?


A point white foam vomit in dogs can be caused by indigestion. This can be caused by eating quickly, swallowing food without chewing, not drinking enough water, etc.

Gastrointestinal disorders.

Gastritis, gastroenteritis, gastrointestinal parasites, gastric ulcers, obstruction by a foreign body, gastric dilation and torsion, etc. can lead to vomiting of white foam and lack of appetite, All these must be treated urgently by a veterinarian, as they can cause death of the animal.


Animals can be poisoned with various substances such as household cleaning products, plants, poisons, common or spoiled food, etc., and can cause retching, vomiting of white foam and decreased appetite. If we suspect that our pet may have eaten something he shouldn’t have, go to the vet as soon as possible, since poisonings if not treated as soon as possible can be fatal, in the same way as foreign body obstructions.

Changes in diet

When we offer our pet new foods such as sweets or a new feed, the introduction of this must be progressively, since they are very sensitive and must gradually get used to the new food that they are going to have to digest. A sudden change can cause digestive problems like vomiting.

Infectious diseases.

One of the diseases that can cause coughing, gagging, and vomiting is canine infectious tracheobronchitis or Kennel cough and if you also have diarrhea, it could also be Parvovirus casino these are very contagious, therefore contact with other dogs should be avoided and they should be treated by a veterinarian urgently.

Metabolic pathologies

When our pet presents vomiting, listlessness and lack of appetite These are signs that something is wrong, it may be due to discomfort of the gastrointestinal system, but in many cases, it comes from diseases in other organs. For example, liver, kidney, pancreatic diseases, pyometra in females, diabetes, etc. These pathologies can be very serious, so do not hesitate to go to the vet as soon as possible.

Brachiocephalic and toy breeds

These dog breeds such as the French Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, etc., due to their genetics, sometimes present the windpipe weaker and therefore more prone to collapse and on the other hand, they frequently also tend to present cardiac pathologies. These two pathologies both together and separately cause coughs, retching, vomiting of white foam, strange noises as if choking and sometimes the appetite of the animal decreases.

What do I do if my dog ​​vomits?

If he has only vomited once, clean up the vomit to prevent him from eating it again, we know that most of them do and it is best avoided. Next, let it rest and remove the water and food, since when an animal vomits, its stomach is sensitive and in most cases if it consumes something it will vomit again. If he does not vomit in an hour we can give him a little water and if he does not vomit more, every half hour we can offer him a little more water. The animal must be fasting for 24 hours from food so that its gastrointestinal system stabilizes and after this time it must follow a soft diet for a few days. If the animal continues to vomit, it is best to go to the vet, as it may be a serious pathology.

How to prevent vomiting?

The basic thing to prevent vomiting is to follow a correct schedule of annual vaccination and deworming since many of the diseases are presented in this way.

On the other hand, avoid offering our pet food outside of its daily diet and if it vomits white foam due to having a food sensitivity, we can give you a feed for digestive hypersensitivity.

And the most important is the veterinary check-ups since in consultation we can prevent and treat diseases before they show more serious symptoms.

Q. My dog ​​has vomited three times in one day, what do I do?

A: The first thing is to observe our pet, his general condition, and not offer him anything to eat or drink, since his stomach is irritated and for this reason, he vomits. If the animal has very low energy or continues to vomit, it is essential to take it to the emergency vet and if its energy is normal, it is advisable to keep it fasting for 24 hours. Regarding the water after an hour without vomiting, offer him some water and wait to see if he vomits, if he does not vomit, you have to offer him water little by little since if he drinks a lot at once he will vomit again.

Q. If my dog ​​coughs but does not vomit, what can it be?

A: It depends on many factors, however, the two most common options may be that it has contracted an infectious disease such as Kennel Cough or if it is an older or brachiocephalic dog, it may present a cardiac or tracheal pathology. With this we want to emphasize that it is not normal for an animal to have a cough (neither vomiting nor retching), therefore it is important to take it to the vet as soon as possible to know where it comes from and treat it properly.

Q. My dog ​​vomits yellow foam. What can it be?

A: The yellow foam is foam with bile, that is, this foam comes from the stomach and it is most likely empty, the causes of this foam are those related to the digestive system previously exposed.

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