Diseases in dogs derived from a bad diet

We are increasingly aware of good nutrition. This concern has transcended human nutrition, also growing around canine nutrition. However, we do not always end up choosing the best option for them, either due to lack of knowledge or inadequate advice.

We must bear in mind that dogs are animals facultative carnivores Therefore, their diets must contain mainly meat.

When cooking at home, the mistake of cooking rice with chicken and vegetables is often made, when the reality is that dogs they do not digest cereals well.

In this post we are going to talk about the appearance of some common diseases that appear when the furry does not eat a balanced and complete diet.

Diseases in dogs derived from a poor diet

You will see how diseases in dogs have a lot in common with those derived in humans.


It is usually caused by a lack of physical activity and for one inappropriate feeding with excess calories.

The fact that our furry is notoriously above its ideal weight, is something that should concern us, since it can carry a high risk to their health and in the long run can cause other serious problems, such as:

  • Pancreatitis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Joint problems
  • Respiratory and heart diseases.
  • Cancer.

Diarrhea or poor digestion

One of the most common diseases in furry dogs due to poor diet is diarrhea.

These diarrhea or bad digestions will appear sporadically, but if they persist we will have to go to our veterinarian and detect what is making him feel bad.


Allergies food origin Are the more common, also seasonal and / or environmental ones.

Every day more furry people are allergic to certain components and foods that are present in processed food.

Some of the most common symptoms that will help us identify an allergic problem in our dog are:

  • Irritations or rashes on the skin.
  • Shaking
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Hair loss and itching.
  • Irritation of the eyes.

When these symptoms appear we must go to our nutritionist or veterinarian to be able to rectify their diet and provide a solution.


The pancreas has an endocrine function, which is very important in the metabolism of our dogs.

It consists of the production of the hormone insulin. It also has an exocrine function, secreting pancreatic juice with enzymes.

These enzymes are catalysts that aid in the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

If our pet suffers from chronic pancreatitis, it means that it will have lack of enzymes.

Some of the symptoms that can be derived from this fact is the weight loss, diarrhea, bulky and fatty stools, flatulence and a lot of appetite without weight gain.

For all this, it is highly recommended that we offer our dog a highly digestive natural diet with lean meat proteins (that is, low-fat meats, such as chicken and turkey).

These meats are ideal for when we have a dog that suffers from pancreatitis Since the fatter the meat, the more inflamed the pancreas will be.

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Inflammation of the anal glands

Many times, obstructions in the anal glands are due to a getting stools that are too soft, that is, several continuous diarrhea that normally have its origin in the intake of processed feed.

Natural cooked food is one of the best ways to eliminate anal gland problems, both in inflammation and infection.

We also recommend recovering intestinal capacity from probiotics or products that regenerate good bacteria.

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Dermatitis – skin and coat problems

Dermatitis in dogs is a condition that causes inflammation of the skin, causing itching (constant scratching), burning, stinging, and other skin conditions.

These symptoms occur when the skin loses the protective barrier and due to this, all pathogens are filtered, making the derma much more vulnerable when it comes to capturing any bacteria.

This problem turns out to be very uncomfortable for the dog and, in addition, it is not easy to diagnose.

However, with help and perseverance you can improve a lot.

Many times, when assisting the veterinarian with this problem, he recommends that we change to a hypoallergenic feed, but we really do not know what is the factor that is causing this problem in his skin.

We anticipate that, to treat this problem, 100% natural nutrition is highly recommended, which can be decisive to alleviate these symptoms.

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Do you have doubts to make the change to natural food?

Likewise, nutritional monitoring is offered for each dog, which is adapted according to their needs.

In addition, personalized rations are offered according to the characteristics of the furry, to adapt well to what they need.

The ingredients of the recipes are 100% natural, made with high quality proteins and with all the nutritional needs covered.

These are gluten free recipes, which will facilitate digestion and are also suitable for dogs with intolerances.

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Conclusion on diseases in dogs derived from a poor diet

Many diseases in dogs derived from a poor diet can be avoided, simply, with this simple change.

As with us humans, poor diet takes a lot out of our health.

Therefore, betting on natural food can greatly change the hope and quality of life of your dog.

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