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You obviously love your dog, so it is important that he is healthy. Because only in optimal health can both dog and owner really enjoy life and time together.

You obviously love your dog, so it is important that he is healthy. Because only in optimal health can both dog and owner really enjoy life and time together.


To make sure our furry friends are doing well, we must always pay close attention and learn to understand the instinctive signals. This also helps us to further develop our intuition and instincts. In dogs, both these aspects are very well developed that we can learn a lot from our wagging friends. It’s all the more important to understand your own instinctive language flawlessly because we can’t communicate verbally with our pets. You can learn more about dog health on this page.



How do I know if my dog ​​is healthy?


You can tell your dog is doing well when he comes across as enthusiastic and cheerful. He expresses this, for example, by having a nice romp while walking. Enthusiasm is a good indicator that your dog is in good health. When in doubt, you can always feel your dog’s nose. If it feels cool and moist, you know your dog is healthy.



What are the first warning signs that my dog’s health is deteriorating?


If your dog is panting or drooling for no reason, if he is vomiting or has diarrhea, these are indicators of health problems. But don’t panic! On the contrary: if you stay calm, your dog will stay calm too. There is no need to worry about these signs.



How can I contribute to my dog’s health?


It is important that you create the most ideal conditions with high-quality and appropriate dog food so that your dog remains vital and fit. In addition, the right living conditions play a major role in the general well-being of your dog. Also, visit the vet at least once a year.


He can vaccinate your dog and examine your dog’s ears and teeth. In addition, it is important that your dog receives a deworming treatment once a quarter. You should protect your dog from parasites once a month or quarter. The interval depends on the medication.


If your dog is a bit older, we recommend visiting the vet more than once a year. A veterinarian is better able to recognize different disease patterns. Recognizing illnesses in time can contribute to a faster and better recovery. Prevention is better than cure. The same goes for dog health.



How can I fix minor health problems in my dog?


Inactive life, minor health problems can arise at any time. In the case of minor health problems, you as the owner can often help your dog yourself. If not, you should consider a visit to the vet.


For example, if you notice that your dog is overloaded while walking, you should take shorter routes, for example. During hot summer days, you have to pay extra attention to this, otherwise, it can cause a lot of problems. With a little eye for your dog, you can easily find the right balance.


Dogs’ paws are exposed to broken glass, nails and the like without protection. During a walk in the snow, it can quickly happen that clumps of snow accumulate in sensitive places, such as (between) the foot pads. You can see this by lifting your dog’s paws. Carefully remove the snow cubes and continue the walk. The foot pads reveal a lot about dog health.



Minor injuries


Thorns from plants can seriously injure your dog’s paws. In good daylight or with the help of a flashlight, you can carefully try to remove the object with tweezers. Does not it work? Then you should go to the vet as soon as possible. In addition, on hot summer days, the asphalt/tar can become extremely hot. If your dog insists on this, it can also lead to serious burns.


If your dog is injured on its paw, it is advisable to rinse the paw carefully and thoroughly with clean water. Depending on the length of the hairs around the legs, it may be advisable to trim the hairs around the wound. Finally, you should spray the leg with a disinfectant. You should therefore have such a tool, in addition to rounded scissors, as standard in a first aid kit for dogs.


With the tips and information in our dog health articles, you can be sure to keep your dog healthy!

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