What is the difference between wet food and dry food for dogs and cats?


During our consultations we get many questions about nutrition such as: ‘What do I pay attention to when choosing dog or cat food?’,

What are the differences between wet food and dry food?’ or ‘When can you speak of natural and healthy dog ​​food?
Now that our range of food also includes canned meat, we will take a closer look at the differences between dry food and wet food.

What is the best food for my dog ​​or cat?

There is no ready-made answer to this question. In the first instance, you take into account the needs of your dog or cat. Does your dog have digestive problems? Does he need to strengthen, does he have sensitive intestines, does he have a large appetite, does he struggle with health problems… You notice signals and these will steer you in the direction of the correct answer. A major determining factor is, of course, the composition of the diet.

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When do you give your dog or cat wet or dry food?

The main difference, as the name implies, is the percentage of moisture. With dry food this percentage is around 10%, with wet food this percentage can be up to 80%.

Advantages of dry food:

  • Dry kibble is more nutritious, your dog needs less of this per day.
  • You can store the bag in a dry, dark place for several weeks without loss of quality.
  • Dry food is generally more sustainable: due to the smaller portions and long storage period, less packaging is needed.

Benefits of wet food:

  • Wet food is very easy to digest and has a lower energy value. This is ideal for animals that need to recover after an illness or surgery.
  • The stronger aromas help dogs and cats with a low appetite to eat more easily. Wet food can also be heated, which some animals find more pleasant.
  • The high moisture content is good for dogs and cats that drink little.
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How much food should you give your dog and cat?

There are differences between the amount of wet food and dry food. With dry food, your dog or cat already gets a large amount of energy with a relatively small portion of food. If you want to give your animal wet food, the portion should easily be two to three times as large. A correct dosage for the food is crucial for the well-being of your animal. Over- or under-nutrition will eventually cause physical discomfort or even illness. You calculate the amount of feed based on energy and nutrient needs. An active dog or cat has a greater energy requirement than a puppy, kitten or older animal. Castrated and sterilized animals also require less food. Follow the guidelines that you will find on the packaging.

In addition to food, drinking also deserves attention. It is imperative that your dog or cat drinks enough water. Too little fluid can lead to dehydration or organ problems. If your animal eats dry food, he needs more water than with wet food.

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Dental care

It is a common misconception that dry food would aid in dental care. Chewing dry food has no effect on dental maintenance or reducing tartar. On the contrary, the small crumbs sometimes get stuck between the teeth. But these are washed away when drinking.
To keep the teeth clean, raw fleshy bones, rabbit ears with fur of fish skin more appropriate. The abrasive surface keeps the gums fit and reduces tartar.

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Our advice

We are convinced that correct nutrition lays the foundation for the well-being of every animal. In fact, we were able to solve problem behavior or problems that dogs exhibit with dietary changes. For us, the search for the most suitable dog food has been a long-term task. But for several years now we recommend the food Celtic Connection at. This holistic pet food was developed by a Belgian animal osteopath. The recipe consists of a high proportion of animal ingredients (70%) and a mix of fruits, herbs and vegetables (30%). The latter maintain the health and vitality of the animal. The range consists of dry kibble, wet food, snacks and sprinkles. We are convinced that with this food we give the best to our dogs and cats.


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