What is healthy dog ​​food?

How do you choose the best food for your dog?

4 answers to the most frequently asked questions about dog food

Every dog ​​owner always wants the best for their dog.  This contains the origin of your dog, its living conditions, its upbringing and its diet. In this article we provide more information about a balanced diet.

Dogs are predators and destined to eat prey. Of course they no longer have to go hunting, they get their food from their owner. So the dog’s well-being is determined by the choice his owner makes for him. We help you with your choice based on the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

  1. Which ingredients are essential?
  2. Which ingredients are best avoided?
  3. Is it necessary to adapt the type of food to the age of the dog?
  4. How much food does my dog ​​need?
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Animal ingredients, vitamins and minerals are essential.

The dog’s digestive system is geared to digesting animal food. In order to optimally meet the comfort and needs of a dog, the ingredients of its diet must be mainly of animal origin. You will find a list of ingredients on the packaging of the food. A percentage of 70% is a healthy guideline.
Other essential ingredients are vitamins and minerals. These essential nutritional elements are necessary to grow and provide the dog with the necessary energy.

A lack of these substances leads to health problems for the dog. Dogs that are sensitive to stress and anxious can experience serious problems if the diet does not contain enough of the above ingredients.

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By nature, dogs don’t eat grains.

Grains such as corn, rice, oats, etc. are not part of the dog’s natural needs. On the contrary, they put a strain on the digestive system. However, gluten and grains are frequently added to food as a filler and binding agent.

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There is no difference between food for a puppy, adult or older dog.

The nutritional needs are the same for every dog, regardless of breed and age. Every puppy starts with liquid food, the mother’s milk. When the puppy is about 3 weeks old, the need for mushy food arises to then make the switch to solid food. From that moment on, the need for every dog ​​is the same. For example, there are no specific chickens for a puppy or for an adult dog. Chickens are chickens.
Specific puppy food can cause your puppy to grow too quickly. This can cause joint problems later in life. Therefore, choose a balanced and healthy diet from an early age.

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The amount of food your dog gets is determined by various circumstances.

The number of calories your dog needs depends on several factors.

  • The development stage: puppy, young growing dog, adult dog, senior
  • Living conditions: comfort and ambient temperature
  • The daily activities: most dogs lead a normal domestic dog life (walking, sports and playing). There are exceptions for working dogs such as sheep herders, etc.
  • Your dog’s health (physical and mental)

There are quite a few dogs that are obese. The cause of this is not the amount of meat (protein), but the amount of carbohydrates. Hence the importance of the animal ingredients.
Many dog ​​owners are not aware that nutrition has a fundamental impact on a dog’s mental health. Feed your dog with your heart and with your eyes, so that he gets enough but not too little food.

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Our recommendation

We are convinced that healthy dog ​​food is not only healthy for the dog, but also for mother earth. Beneficial and natural ingredients ensure a good absorption by the dog and excrement that is less harmful to nature.

Our dogs only eat the best food. Jimmy (English Cocker), Jazzy (Chihuahua) and Ombra (Lagoto) are fed the holistic and hypoallergenic diet of Celtic Connection.
This brand has 4 types.

Chicken with turkey:

If your dog does not need any complaints or specific support, this is the most suitable food. This dog food contains 70% chicken and turkey, 23% sweet potato and 7% natural herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Salmon with trout:

This dog food is ideal for dogs that need a boost for coat, skin and/or nails. The chunks contain fish fatty acids, better known as omega 3. The ingredients are: 70% fish, 23% sweet potato, 7% herbs, vegetables and fruit. The latter provide all vitamins, minerals and other essential components.

Goose with duck:

Is your dog never satisfied? Does he use a lot of energy? Or is your dog sensitive to chicken? Then the ‘goose with duck’ variety is a good choice.

Lamb with goat:

This dog food is ideal for dogs with digestive problems. Does your dog have sensitive bowels or frequent diarrhea? Does your dog have to be on a diet and is he often hungry? Your dog will soon feel better with this kibble.

Extra fact: Most dietetic foods on the market have very few quality ingredients, so your dog experiences constant hunger. Of Celtic Connection make sure your dog gets everything he needs.


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