Homemade cooked food: the best way to feed your dog

Human beings are increasingly aware of their diet. We tend to flee from prosecution and seek a healthy life.

If we act this way on our own, we must also consider healthy options for our dogs, which today are one of the family.

Processed food is also constantly changing, but no matter how much the ranges are expanded, it can never be a rival for natural nutrition, and specifically, for home cooked food.

Why choose a home cooked diet?

The natural, processed-free diet is undoubtedly the most suitable option to feed your furry dog.

However, of its many variants, we would stay with the cooked diet, which is the option with the most benefits.

In the first place, it is a diet based on fresh food suitable for human consumption, with ingredients full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

These foods are subjected to a process of controlled cooking, avoiding all bacteriological risks, and obtaining better preservation of their nutrients originals.

Have also more palatability, and organoleptic characteristics (smell, color, and taste) that make food much more attractive for our dogs.

In addition, the natural cooked diet, being more varied, motivates and energizes our furry ones.

We not only ensure an improvement in your health, but it also means emotional well-being for them.

The chances of triggering diseases are markedly reduced and delayed with the intake of natural food compared to commercial feed.

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Benefits of home cooked diet

As we have already mentioned, natural food configures the best preventive method against possible diseases.

Obviously, we will not be able to avoid all of them, but there are many that can be improved if we feed them in the best way, as it happens with humans:

Reduction of digestive problems

There are fewer gastrointestinal problems, avoiding problems such as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD, diarrhea, food intolerance, flatulence

Homemade meat-based food helps the stomach pH of the animal be kept at low values, ensuring optimal functioning of the pancreas and liver, two crucial organs for digestion.

What usually helps a lot in the digestive process is the fact that home cooked food contains water.

On the other hand, the feed lacks hydration, since it is a dry product.

This causes our puppy’s stomach to swell and increases the transition time of food through the gastrointestinal tract.

On the other hand, natural cooked homemade food is digested in a maximum of 4 hours.

Allergies or intolerances

More and more furry people suffer from allergies, and many of them are due to incorrect diets.

There have been many cases of dogs that developed an allergy to the processed ingredient and once they have switched to eating it cooked, this allergy has disappeared or their symptoms have greatly alleviated.

Natural nutrition can also help by reducing the appearance of new allergies.

Thanks to the natural ingredients cooked at a low temperature, the dogs absorb the nutrients better.

On the other hand, cooked cans of wet food are much less digestible.

We strengthen the immune system

The immune system ensures that our dog is strong and has defenses capable of fighting any pathogen.

A diet based on meat as the main ingredient is the requirement of healthy intestinal flora and therefore of a 100% healthy immune system.

“Healthy hair, healthy dog”

This expression defines the power that the cooked diet has in the face of the processed ones in the derma and the fur of our furry ones.

We increase your energy

Easier digestion and a cooked diet not only help improve physical health, but also make them much more energetic.

By having a greater absorption of nutrients, they gain in quality of life.

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Cooking him at home

Cooking at home for your furry is an optimal option, as long as you have knowledge of canine nutrition, because you can control the ingredients and obtain the benefits of a balanced, varied, and highly nutritious diet.

However, it does not configure the most comfortable option, since it requires a lot of time that many times we do not have.

In addition, each dog has different nutritional needs and therefore we must take their characteristics into account when designing an appropriate nutritional plan for them.

The cooked recipes are homemade and are made with 100% natural ingredients, with human quality proteins and all the nutritional needs of dogs covered.

In addition, the recipes are from easy digestion and suitable for dogs with intolerances.

The menus are vacuum packed, a fact that allows preserving food and all its nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

All recipes are simmered, a fact that provides greater security, thus also avoiding excessive food handling.

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