Easily calculate the right amount of food for dogs

Easily Calculate The Right Amount Of Food For Dogs

Nowadays it is no longer so easy to keep an overview of the different feed and feeding methods. If you opt for complete food, you can simply find the recommended amount on the packaging. But how do you calculate the amount of food if your dog barf eats? And what to do if you combine different types of food? Fortunately, with a little help, you can easily calculate your dog’s energy needs.

How much food does a dog need?

This question cannot be answered with a general answer. Your dog’s nutritional needs depend on a number of factors. If you want to properly calculate the amount of food for dogs, you should take the following information into account:

The age of your dog

The race

The weight is in kilograms.

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Is the dog very sporty or is it a pregnant or nursing mother dog?

For healthy dog ​​food, it is important that you not only pay attention to the content of vitamins and minerals, but also to a balanced balance of energy and proteins in the ration. The ingredients of complete feed and supplementary feed can be found on the packaging.

In the case of supplementary feed, the weight-dependent amount of feed is also stated on the packaging. If you are feeding complete food instead, you will have to calculate the correct amount yourself. That’s a piece of cake with the formula below.

Easily calculate the right amount of food for dogs

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Calculate the amount of food for adult dogs

Adult dogs no longer grow but have a higher energy metabolism than older dogs. Fortunately, there are a number of formulas to calculate the right amount of food for individual dogs.

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What energy needs do adult dogs have?

The required energy is indicated in megajoules (MJ) or kilocalories (kcal). Using this formula you can calculate the average amount of energy your dog needs on a daily basis:

Energy requirement adult dog = 0.52 MJ x kg 0.75 body weight

For example: if your dog weighs 20 kilos, you calculate the energy requirement as follows: 0.52 MJ x 20 kg 0.75 = 4.91 MJ per day.

The following table offers a good guideline:

Body weightEnergy amountEnergy Amount

Do you want to know more about the right food for adult dogs? Then read this article on dog food.

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Protein needs of adult dogs

Proteins are vital for dogs. They are in every tissue and form the basis for important enzymes and hormones. The average protein requirement for adult dogs can be calculated using the following formula: 5g crude protein x kg 0.75 body weight .

From this comes the table below:

Body weightAmount of protein
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How do you calculate the amount of food for sporty dogs?

If your dog is very sporty and travels long distances every day, he uses more energy than other dogs. Such activity should be taken into account when calculating the amount of feed.

With this formula, you calculate the required energy for increased activity: 0.56 MJ x kg 0.75 body weight.

For example, if your dog weighs 10 pounds, he needs 3.15 megajoules per day. That comes out to about 752.87 kilocalories.

However, the need for proteins increases only slightly.

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How Much Food Do Pregnant Dogs Need?

Do you have a dog that is pregnant and in the second half of the gestation period? Then your dog needs 1.5 times as much energy. For example, a 20-pound pregnant dog needs about 7.38 megajoules per day.

The need for proteins also increases enormously. That is why you have to add an average of 0.5 times to protein.

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How to calculate the amount of food for lactating dogs

While nursing, a dog mother has to produce a lot of milk. The exact amount again depends on the number and size of the nursing puppy. On average, the energy requirement per puppy increases as follows:

Number of puppiesNeed
11.5 times standard requirement
42 times standard requirement
83 times standard requirement

Example: Your dog gave birth to eight cubs and weighs 20 kilos. Her energy requirement can be calculated in this way: 4.92 MJ x 3 = 14.76 MJ per day.

The protein content increases slightly. Especially in the first weeks and months, puppies need a relatively large amount of food.

Easily calculate the right amount of food for dogs

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How much dog food does a puppy need?

Puppies grow a lot in the first few months. Their organs have a lot of nutrients during that time. In the beginning they get it through breast milk and from the third month through solid food.

The formula for small breed puppies is 0.66 MJ x kg 0.75 body weight .

For puppies of large breeds, this formula applies 0.75 MJ x kg 0.75 body weight.

Although young dogs require a relatively large amount of food, they should not be overfed. A diet rich in carbohydrates can lead to obesity, stunted growth of the skeleton and damage to organs.

During growth, puppies also need a lot of protein. However, this is highly dependent on the dog breed and should be calculated on an individual basis. Proteins made from high-quality essential amino acids are best. They have a higher value and are better converted by the body than non-essential amino acids.

To provide your puppy with everything it needs for growth, it is recommended to be suitable to give puppy food. Read this article is more about puppy food.

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How do I calculate the amount of food for older dogs?

From about the age of six, dogs are seniors. From this point on, they need less energy for their important organs. For example, old dogs do not need a factor of 0.5 MJ, but of 0.45 MJ.

To calculate the correct amount of food for older dogs, you can use this formula: 0.45 MJ x kg 0.75 body weight .

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How many times a day should I feed my dog?

Puppies’ digestive systems still need to adapt to solid foods in the first few months. That’s why you should feed young dogs more often than older dogs. As a rule, it is enough to feed puppies three to four times a day. Make sure to reduce the amounts at the same time.

Once the dog is fully grown, it is sufficient to feed only once or twice a day. If you do this, make sure you offer the food at the same time. Also, don’t forget to calculate treats in the amount of food you give your dog.

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