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The ancestor of our domestic dog is the wolf and this is strongly reflected in the diet of the average dog. The largest part of the wolf’s diet consists of muscle meat, but bones, organs and vegetable food are also something the wolf likes to eat.

What does dog food generally consist of?

The dog’s diet is based on the wolf’s diet. Much of it is the same, but the years of domestication have changed the habits and needs of a dog. That is why the diet of the dog and the wolf is very similar, but not 100% matched. In addition, there are other factors that can influence a dog’s diet, such as health, age, activity level, weight and breed. Eat like this older dogs, for example, have less meat because they are less active. For the best nutritional advice, talk to your vet so he can tell you the best food for your dog.

Dogs need a balanced diet that does not consist of just meat. Meat is a great source of protein, but dogs also need nutrients that are often not found in meat. If a dog only eats meat, he can suffer from food-related illnesses. As a rule, a portion of proper dog food contains 50 to 70 percent meat. It builds muscles and supplies proteins that can be converted into energy. It is important that the meat is of high quality and that it is a large part of the diet.

In addition, sources of vitamins & minerals such as fruits and vegetables are also a very important part of proper dog food. The amount of fruit and vegetables in dog food should be about 20%. Then there are oils, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements; all things that are good for your dog and should certainly not be missing in the diet. You can take a good example from the  Purizon Adult Black Angus & Turkey dog ​​food for an idea of ​​the optimal ratio.

In the case of industrially produced dog food, you have a good ratio with almost all food, but there is a difference in quality which is not always easy to see. For this, we advise you to study the diet carefully.

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How do you recognize high-quality dog ​​food?

To recognize high-quality food, it is best to read the label carefully. You should see the nutrients with the largest share in the diet at the top. As we have said, meat should in any case be at the top. With regard to grains, you would rather not have that in your dog food at all, at most a little bit. So-called “animal by-products” should also be stated on the packaging. Since dogs also eat organs, it is not a problem if this is in the food, however, this term also refers to offal and this has little to do with your dog food.

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Also, artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, and added sugars, things that you often find in cheap food, do not belong in optimal dog food. Take an example of itReal Hearts wet food from Rocco, here is exactly what animal by-products are in the diet. It contains beef or chicken hearts, which are very tasty for your four-legged friend. Also, the classic wet food from Rocco scores points with no less than 100% fresh and high-quality meat.

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In the endless jungle of different types of dog food, many owners quickly get lost. One of the brands that we can recommend to you isWolf of Wilderness. This brand focuses on creating dog food that resembles the food of its predecessor – the wolf as much as possible. In addition to a large amount of meat and organs, this food contains blueberries, carrots, and herbs. In this way, the brand ensures an extremely balanced diet. In addition, at Wolf of Wilderness, you can also choose from all kinds of variants, such as beef or chicken.

In addition to Wolf of Wilderness, the brand Belcando Mastercraft is also a strong brand: they only use fresh meat! Then we have the nutrition of canine Caviar, which contains all kinds of important nutrients, ensures a good pH value, and is also suitable for allergic dogs. We can also supply the dog food from definitely recommend GranataPet, as this brand ensures that they provide your dog with nutrients from regional products. We also prepared it with attention and love dog food from Rinti, which consists of real meat pieces and in this way ensures a healthy diet that suits the animal.

Finally, we advise you: make sure that you also buy dog snacks pay close attention to the contents. It is also important for snacks that your dog only gets good substances.


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