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Many times we wonder which is the best food for dogs since we can feel confused by so many offers and variety of brands that we find in the market and so many endless lists on the Internet. For this reason, we must pay particular attention to the product’s labeling, where, among other things, the composition and ingredients used in its preparation appear.


When choosing the best dog food there are several factors to take into account. As long as we talk about healthy animals, without any pathology, it is essential, above all, to pay attention to age and breed.


We must adapt the diet of our dog to the stage of life in which it is (Puppy / Adult / Senior), since the needs vary throughout life and the nutritional requirements are different for each of these stages.

A puppy has more nutritional requirements than a senior dog since older dogs are generally more sedentary and do not need as much energy input, in addition to having other nutritional needs.



In addition to age, it is essential to also consider the race of the dog, since there is a suitable diet for each size.

For example, small breed dogs have a faster metabolism than larger dogs and therefore require more energy. In addition, since they are animals with very small stomachs, the food usually has a higher energy density so that the amounts to be ingested are not high and in this way, the animal does not overload the digestive section.


And not only does the size of the dog matter, but the size of the dog is also important. kibble size, which must be appropriate to the size of the animal’s mouth.

Adequate size of the kibble will make it easier for the dog to chew the food well and thus help to minimize digestive problems.

An inappropriate size in small breed dogs could cause choking problems, digestive problems …

An inappropriate size in medium or large-breed dogs can also cause digestive problems. It is not recommended that these breeds eat small kibble because they would swallow them without chewing and, therefore, their stomach would have to make an extra effort to digest the food.

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Although we have already seen that age and breed are fundamental factors in choosing the best dog food, there are also other factors to consider that are quite frequent in our pets, such as sterilization and being overweight.


The hormonal changes that dogs undergo after sterilization cause changes in eating habits and make the animals eat more. In addition, they also cause a decrease in physical activity. All this will promote obesity and a sedentary lifestyle in our animals.

Therefore, it is necessary that they eat a special diet that provides a moderate intake of energy, high biological protein sources to maintain muscle mass and, in addition, an adequate level of fiber to stimulate the animal’s satiety.

This type of diet will help prevent our pets from gaining weight and, therefore, developing problems related to obesity.


In the case of overweight dogs, they also need a special diet, high quality, easy to digest, rich and complete in nutrients, but with fewer calories to help them control their weight.


There are other types of factors related to different pathologies
that dogs can have and in which case, it will be necessary to consider.

In any case, the best food for dogs It is one that allows us to provide you with a complete and balanced diet that meets your needs so that you can develop normally throughout your life.

At Mercadona, the Compy range of feed is varied, complete, and balanced and provides your dog with all the nutrients for a healthy and full life. It has been developed by veterinarians who are experts in animal nutrition with selected ingredients and comply with all quality and food safety requirements. All feed recipes are specially designed for the different sizes, ages, and needs of your pet, in addition to guaranteeing an excellent taste and texture thanks to practical containers that guarantee the correct preservation of the product.

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We also remind you that if you want to change your dog’s food, you must do it progressively, since in this way they help to minimize digestive problems (diarrhea, vomiting) and also a rejection of the new food.

In short, for the question, what is the best food for dogs? There is no single answer. You must take into account the physiological aspects of your dog as well as the ingredients and composition indicated on the labeling of the dog food or feed. We hope to have solved your doubts.

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