Can dogs have Corn Bread


Yes, dogs can eat cornbread. They can also eat blueberries and yogurt and oatmeal and cream cheese and butter and bacon (once in a while). They can even smoke cigars! There isn’t much that dogs cannot consume if their owner is willing to allow them to do so. Let’s be serious for a moment: We all know what dogs like to eat, and it’s not turkey with dressing and pumpkin pie.

Now, that is not said to be discouraging; we just want you to know that this is how we feel: You can feed your dog all of the things mentioned above and more and it will most likely be fine–no tummy problems, no upset stomach, no vomiting–nothing. You can also choose not to feed your dog any of those things and they will most likely be just fine too.

But the worst thing that you can do is put yourself in a position where you feel pressure to cook something for Fido’s dinner plate because someone else thinks it’s what you should be doing. That is the best way to set yourself and your dog up for a bad experience.

Now dogs can eat cornbread without any problems, but some people will say you shouldn’t feed it to them because of the corn or wheat or baking soda or whatever-other-thing-people-think-dogs-can’t-have and we say: Don’t feed cornbread to your dog just because you saw that on TV or read it in some silly magazine article or overheard someone at the grocery store.

Dogs eat people’s food all of the time and they’re fine, as long as they don’t have any underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, pancreatitis, etc. Some dogs can even eat chocolate.

If you’re going to give your dog cornbread, just be sure that it doesn’t have any garlic or onion powder in it and cut back on his/her regular dog food a little bit so he/she doesn’t gain weight. Dogs should never gain weight, but if they do, it’s because you are feeding them too much of the wrong food.

So there is no reason why dogs can’t eat cornbread, they just don’t need to eat a lot of it or any other people’s food at all. When someone tells you that something is bad for your dog, chances are they’re not speaking from experience.

On the other hand, your Dachshund probably shouldn’t eat fistfuls of chocolate or get into a garbage can filled with chicken bones and fatty pork scraps at a friend’s house while you’re away for the afternoon. If you think about it, however, these things usually happen to dogs because they’re hungry and there isn’t anything in their bowl.

What should you feed your dog then? We recommend a high-quality dry dog food that has good ingredients and is made by a trusted company. You can give them some occasional, healthy people food too if you like, but keep the snacks and table scraps to a minimum so they don’t drink out of the toilet and follow you wherever you go.

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