Which dog breeds are best for an apartment?

Most of the dog breeds can quickly and easily adapt to their environment. Of course it remains important to walk with your dog enough, but the place where the dog stays does not matter much in itself. Although most dog breeds adapt fairly quickly, having a super active dog when you live in an apartment is no fun. Let’s list which dog breeds are perfect for an apartment.

Top 10 dog breeds for an apartment

American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniels are today known more as companion dogs than as hunting dogs. They are naturally calm and love to join you in your apartment. They are among the top dog breeds for apartments for a reason.

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A truly hilarious play bird, the best description for the pug. A real ideal dog for an apartment. Due to its extreme sensitivity to temperatures and respiratory problems, the Pug is happiest when allowed to walk around indoors.

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Basset hound

Unlike the other dog breeds, the Basset is the calmest indoors. This dog breed will always be lazy once in the apartment. However, you should take into account that once the Basset is outside, it can easily run and sniff for a few hours. Keep in mind that this dog is originally a hunting dog. As a result, he still has a very active instinct, so we really recommend taking it for a daily walk. Only then will he be the ideal dog for an apartment!

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These cheerful, intelligent dogs can entertain anyone. Even your annoying mother-in-law. Unlike other small breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is calm by nature and tends to bark only when given too little attention. Apart from that, they really do seem like the ideal dog for an apartment. And before you know it, he/she is next to you taking a nap in the living room, real luxury!

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Chow Chow

Best known for its unique black tongue, the Chow Chow will spend more time on the couch than you would ever imagine. They are known for their low energy requirements and sensitivity to temperatures. It is not for nothing that they are mentioned in the top 10 dog breeds for an apartment. Because of their aloofness they sometimes come across as felines which not everyone can communicate equally hard. If you do like it, they are the ideal cuddle partner.

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shih tzu

Many people have the wrong idea of ​​the Shih Tzu’s reputation. We sometimes call them “yappy dog” ourselves. Despite that, the Shih Tzu can be the perfect dog for your apartment if properly trained. They are dogs that will be happy to spend a full day lounging together on the couch and following you around the apartment as daily exercise.

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English Bulldog

They may not look cute, but deep down they’re just big, cute babies who want nothing more than to snuggle up next to you in the seat of your apartment. The dog breed of choice for your apartment you would think and yes. They prefer indoor living, making them one of the lazier dog breeds in the world.

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Tibetan Spaniel

These dogs are not necessarily lazy but they are alert and curious, but they don’t need a lot of activity. They are admittedly natural born lap dogs who want nothing more than to take naps close to you. In addition, they are also very small and can therefore be comfortable in almost any living environment. Here again the ideal dog for the apartment.

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Boston Terrier

This dog breed is similar to the bulldog. A small, compact dog that is friendly and easy to train. Indoors they usually remain quite calm but once they are allowed outside they are unstoppable. They release all their energy in a short period of time and then quietly enjoy a lot of attention in your apartment again. So this dog is perfect for a small apartment or studio.

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Miniature Pinscher

This dog breed is not too well known but they are among the top 10 apartment dog breeds. After walking through the living room a few times, this dog is ready to snuggle in a corner and take a nap for several hours. This dog breed is relatively healthy and easy to care for. No wonder the Miniature Pinscher is so popular with apartment residents.

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