How much does a dog cost?


A dog is a buddy and a family member. Very nice to go outside together and have fun. You have to take good care of the dog and there are costs involved. What is important and what does it cost?

Buying a dog should actually be a well-considered choice. Buying a dog spontaneously is not a good idea. You must know what you are doing. It is important to be able to offer the dog a good home and home where it receives sufficient attention. It’s a buddy, a family member.

That means you have to invest in a dog, including financially. You don’t go bargain hunting. Dogs offered online often come through a broker. They want to make money with it and that can never be the right starting point. You are also not sure of what you are buying. Is the dog vaccinated, disease free, socialized? There is often no reliable answer to these questions, so be careful when purchasing a dog ‘via via’ or online.

Buy through a breed club or the shelter

It is much better to consult a breed club. Through a breed club you can get in touch with reliable breeders. That also means that you make a conscious choice for a specific dog breed that suits you, that appeals to you and that you would like to have a dog of. You purchase a dog with or without a pedigree through a breeder.

It is not so much a matter of choosing a pure breed, but that you choose a healthy dog. You can also use a asylum buying a dog and that does not have to be a specific pedigree dog, but you will get a dog that has been well cared for and that is as healthy as possible.

If you do purchase a dog through a private individual, be well informed about the dogs and how they have been treated, socialized and so on.

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How can you be sure that the dog is healthy and socialized?

  • only leave the mother at 7 weeks
  • vaccinated, dewormed, chipped
  • healthy appearance
  • not shy
  • quite curious
  • clean environment

An honest broker is often fond of his dogs and knows what he is giving. He only does this when the dogs are at least seven weeks old. Sometimes they also ask the new owner about the living conditions and time they have for the animal because they want ‘their’ dogs to end up well. The dogs are dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and registered before they go to a new owner.

You never know for sure whether a dog is really completely healthy. In any case, you can have a vet check done before the sale is concluded. You can also take care of your own eyes. Is this the only litter anyone has or is the barn full of mother dogs and little ones? In the latter case, a light should go on with you, because then we are talking about a bread breeder. Make sure that the animals stay in a clean animal-friendly environment where they can roam freely. They are not shy of introductions, are not afraid of small children, are lively, curious and friendly.

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Register the dog

You should receive proof of registration. That is mandatory. This allows the dog to be transferred to the name of the new owner. The breeder unsubscribes. This also applies to a dog from abroad.

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Financial consequences when buying a dog

  • purchase costs dog
  • stuff that is needed
  • feed
  • chip and register
  • dog tax
  • vet costs
  • courses

Purchase costs

Then the finances. A dog of a certain breed usually costs about six hundred euros. This can go up to fifteen hundred euros. And sometimes even more.


Also keep in mind that being a dog own stuff needs such as a crate, food bowl, water bowl, dog leash, harness or collar, brush, tweezers, toothbrush, basket, poop bags. Have you ever thought of a bicycle trailer?


Big dogs need more space than the smaller ones, that makes sense, but they also eat more. Choose food that provides a dog with sufficient vitamins, proteins and minerals. Here too you do not go for cheap, but for the right and appropriate food.

Chip and register

According to Nibud, chipping and registration costs between 25 and 55 euros (via the vet).

dog tax

Many municipalities collect dog tax. That’s a few bucks a year. On the website of the municipality you can see what the costs are for keeping a dog.

Vet costs

With a puppy you have to go to the vet regularly in the first time for vaccinations, deworming, possibly a flea treatment or castration. Of course you assume that the animal is healthy, but sometimes there are things that the vet still has to come into play. Take these unexpected costs into account if the animal becomes ill. According to Nibud, the costs for a vet are about one hundred and fifty euros per year (inoculation, weighing, deworming, dental checks). You can take out insurance for that, but that also costs money, of course.


Are you going on a puppy course with your dog? That is not only good so that the dog learns a lot such as walking on a leash, retrieving and especially listening carefully to commands, but in this way the owner also learns a lot about the behavior of a dog. Pretty important. Of course, there are also costs associated with this. This is usually from fifteen euros per hour, but it can vary enormously.

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