What do you do with your dog when you go on vacation?

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As soon as we, as owners, think about relaxing, we can already see ourselves walking on a beach. Shorts, flip flops and sunglasses on your nose. And just when you order a drink from a coconut, you hear your dog barking, you are startled and you are back in reality. Just at home on the couch, with your four-legged friend next to you.

You realize that you are ready for a vacation and start thinking about where you want to go. Then at a certain moment you also have to choose whether the dog will come with you or not. We know from experience that the choice depends on a number of factors.

We give you some tips to make the choice a little easier for you

Before you book a holiday, it is useful to ask yourself some questions. About the stay, what you want to do and also think about an alternative such as a guest house.


White beaches, high mountain peaks or the busy traffic of a capitol. These are of course destinations that take you away from the flat Dutch streets. That confirms your holiday feeling, but is your dog also welcome there? Whether you sleep in a hotel, camping or AirBnB. It is important that you also check whether dogs are allowed to sleep there at all.

Walking is good for you and your dog. But is that what you are planning on your vacation? Or maybe you want to move as little as possible or you have a real DIY holiday where you can be found underwater a lot. Then you may wonder whether it is really practical to take your dog with you. Of course it is nice for the photos. Your dog on flippers and a snorkel.

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Of course you go for a summer temperature of at least 30 degrees. But is that really that comfortable for your dog? Dogs can only lose their heat through their mouth and nose, so that warm coat with a sun is not very nice. If you do take the dog with you, make sure there is plenty of shade and plenty to drink.

And never leave the dog alone in the car or caravan.

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To travel

As soon as we close our eyes we can imagine that we are walking with our feet in a sea. Unfortunately, it takes quite a journey to actually get there. Flying is faster than the car, but presents other challenges. Even if you go on a cycling holiday, you have to think about how to take the dog with you.

Ask yourself how the dog reacts to driving. If the dog becomes restless from a relatively short ride, he/she will not be happy with an hour-long ride.

And flying may be faster, but the dog is alone in a hold. In an environment he is unfamiliar with with sounds that can be quite impressive. The dog will not return to you via the baggage claim, so that also takes time. Of course, the dog is extra happy to see you again afterwards, but is it worth it? That’s up to you of course.

Your dog on its own holiday

You go on holiday to relax and maybe also to meet new people. It is not a bad idea at all to send the dog on its own holiday. I hear you think: what are you saying? Yes, on holiday to a guest house. Because that can also be a party for the dog. There are many prejudices about guest houses. We will take some for you with love.

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It’s not free of course, but what it does cost is often an assumption. We cannot determine what budget you have, but you will take the dog to a professional. The dog is professionally cared for, gets plenty of attention and comes into contact with fellow dogs. An additional advantage is that you will not receive any last-minute cancellations from your babysitting address.

A dog boarding house is possible from 10 euros per night. And be honest, what are you paying for that pizza on the beach?

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Can I get my own dog back?

It has probably happened that the wrong cat or dog has been given, but in general you can assume that something like this is the exception rather than the rule. A dog definitely gains new experiences. He/she will learn that attention needs to be divided, but that may help him/her realize how good home is.

Don’t leave home alone

What you should never do is leave your dog at home alone. Not even when there are people who make a good round with the dog every day.

Happy Holidays!

We don’t care where and how you go on holiday. And it would be nice if your dog can come along, but only if you do the dog a favor with it.

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