Water Consumption in Dogs

Water consumption in dogs is very necessary for them to survive and maintain good health. Our pet should always keep a good container with water at his disposal.

As owners, it is our obligation to ensure that this liquid is free of all contamination, that it is not lacking, and that it is in a visible place.

Water Consumption in Dogs Consumption

Consumption and quantity are regulated by the same animal, specialists show us the following about daily consumption.

The dog has to drink 2.5 times more water than the food it consumes, that is, if your dog eats some 1kg of food then it would have to consume 2.5 liters of water during the course of a day.

Consumption in Puppy Dogs

If the dog is a puppy then lower the water consumption, the puppies must always be observed, if the dog eats 120 g of balanced diet then the amount of water for the whole day is 300 ml.

If the pet does not comply with these rules and seems uncontrolled and strange, it would be better to take him to the vet for the pertinent evaluation.

Other factors why they should consume water

In addition to the amount of water that the dog should consume, there are several factors, such as heat, walks, exercises, or breastfeeding, all of which generally increase water consumption by almost twice the amount.

Do not leave your dog without water for any reason, if you plan to leave the house for a long time, ask someone you trust to feed your dog and also leave the required amount of water every day while maintaining the hygiene of the dishes or food deposits.

Caring for an adult dog It is of great importance so that it remains very healthy, active, so it is important that you provide everything you need and follow the recommendations that we provide by clicking on the link.

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