Walking the 🐶 dog during quarantine?

Walking the dog during quarantine?

The corona pandemic is changing the daily lives of millions of people worldwide. Dog owners who are in quarantine to avoid spreading the virus are wondering how to take care of their dog during quarantine or how can I walk my dog ​​during quarantine?

Laws and precautions regarding the coronavirus

Quarantine is one of the most severe interventions in daily life that a country can adopt as a rule to prevent infection. ‘Being in quarantine’ therefore means that the people involved are no longer allowed to leave their homes. Holidaymakers in a quarantine region are not allowed to leave but are generally required to remain in isolation for at least two weeks. Often individuals are affected: people who have visited risk areas or have been in contact with someone who was carrying Covid-19.

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People who violate the quarantine rules can expect hefty fines or prison terms. Those restrictions are less strict with curfews/measures. Given the rapid spread of the coronavirus, all European countries have, to a greater or lesser extent, established strict rules for their citizens. However, these are not the same everywhere: the details of those rules may differ from country to country. That is why it is important to know the rules of the different countries when it is necessary.

Walking the dog during quarantine

Dog owners and measures

If there are measures that limit being outside, it is still possible for those involved to leave the house.

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What do these measures mean for dog owners?

Unlike during a quarantine, people are allowed to leave the house under certain measures / a curfew, as long as there is a good reason for doing so. In most countries and municipalities, walking the dog is a valid reason. Then you can only travel with people from the same household. Here too it is important to know the regional rules. In France, for example, you are obliged to fill in a special form before walking the dog. Dog owners can show these during a check. Of course, dog owners should not go for a walk with the dog in groups. In addition, most dog schools in the affected areas have to be closed, while training takes place outside.

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Dog owners in quarantine

Strict rules apply during quarantine: those affected may only leave the house after approval from the competent authorities. Shopping is also not allowed. For example, you can do the provision via online webshops, if the delivery person puts the package in front of the door.

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How can I walk my dog ​​during quarantine?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is: if you are in quarantine, you are not allowed to walk the dog, because quarantine means staying at home. Whoever has a garden or terrace can, in the worst case, let the dog do its needs there. Sporting activities such as retrieving or agility are also possible in your own garden. If you don’t have those options, ask other people to take care of the dog. Because walking the dog in the park or in a forest is prohibited for dog owners in quarantine. Neighbors with a garden or animal shelter can be a solution. For example, the authorities in Austria recommend that the four-legged friend be taken to a dog boarding house during quarantine or given to another dog owner. However, the dog pension is quickly full when entire municipalities / areas are in lockdown. If only a few dog owners are quarantined after returning from risk areas, a sitter is easier to find.

Walking the dog during quarantine

Keeping dogs engaged during quarantine in a useful way
Do you have a garden and can you give your dog a place to do its small and large needs? Great, then you don’t have to miss your dog! However, for most dogs it’s not enough to just open the door to the yard and go: they need to be entertained. Especially dogs that first went out with their owner for several hours a day before the quarantine / lockdown, quickly have too much energy left. Fetching or sniffing games are extremely suitable to demand energy from the dog. Maybe you’ll try something new, how about Dog Dancin or new tricks? There are numerous instructions online that you can use to teach your four-legged friend something new. Tip: some dog schools make a virtue of an emergency and offer online courses in this time of crisis.

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Can dogs transmit the coronavirus?

No: dogs and other pets cannot transmit the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19. This means that they are not carriers of the virus, because the virus particles do not multiply in the dog’s body. In Hong Kong, a dog made headlines when a small concentration of the coronavirus was detected on its snout. This was in all probability virus particles that had been absorbed into the environment since his owner had the Covid-19 disease. Dog owners should observe the usual hygiene practices when interacting with their animal friends. For example, that you should not have your face licked. Whoever cuddles intensively with his dog should wash his hands before touching his face or other people.

We hope that you, your family, and your four-legged friend(s) will get through this corona pandemic together in good health.

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