This Is Why We Love Dogs (Sometimes More Than People)


A dog does not talk, but is always happy to see you and looks nothing like a human. Sometimes people find a dog better company than a human. How can you feel more empathy for a dog than for a fellow human being?


There are now, in 2021, approximately 1.9 million dogs in the Netherlands. There has been a sharp increase in the past two years due to the corona crisis. That means that a lot of people are crazy about dogs and melt at the sight of a dog. They did research on this at the University of Northeastern University in the United States. During a test, people were faced with a dilemma. They were shown a fake article stating that someone had been injured in an attack. He sustained all kinds of injuries and became unconscious. The victim was someone different each time. A thirty-year-old man, a baby, a puppy, and a six-year-old dog.

After the subjects who took part in the test had read the article, they were asked a number of questions. From this, the scientists concluded that people feel more empathy and are more shocked when the accident happened to a baby, puppy or dog. Humans see babies the same way that dogs do. With the thirty-year-old man, people were much less upset. With dogs and babies, we as humans feel a greater urge to protect them.

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A family bond

Other studies show that we see a dog as part of the family. We don’t see a dog as a pet. Some dog owners treat the animal as if it were their child. The dog can sometimes be even more beloved than its own sibling. When the dog dies, there is also mourning that is comparable to mourning for a person. The stronger the bond, the longer the total grieving process takes. For example, a dog may have been a great support during a divorce. When such an animal dies, it is as if a part of yourself is lost.

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A dog gives self-confidence

Furthermore, it turns out that keeping a dog can be good for your self-confidence. It’s a nice feeling to come home to the knowledge that your dog is waiting for you. Whether good or bad, your dog is always there for you. That gives a nice feeling and peace. In addition, petting a dog reduces feelings of stress, which you can use after a hard day’s work.

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Active and less lonely

With a dog, you have a stick behind the door to take action every day. A dog has to be walked unless you have a large area. Most people don’t, so you have to get out for a walk. Good for the dog, but also for your own health. You don’t necessarily need someone else to walk around the block. A dog makes sure you don’t feel lonely.

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More loyal than people

A dog inspires empathy, is part of your family, gives you more self-confidence, and ensures that you do not feel lonely. All reasons why a dog may be better company than a human. Finally, a dog is always loyal to you, unlike humans. A dog is waiting for you every day and is super excited to see you after a hard day’s work. Even when you are only fifteen minutes away, a dog is waiting for you. When a dog has won your trust, he or she will always be by your side. When there is danger, the dog protects you. This fact makes some people prefer a dog to a human.

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