The right choice for on the go

The right choice for on the go

Walking with the dog, dog leash, dog collar, or dog harness?

What could be better than walking with the dog? Would you like to explore fields, forests, and meadows in peace with your dog? Before going out into nature, you should think about the right equipment. Is a dog harness really better than a dog collar? How long should a belt be?

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Collar or dog leash?

Nylon collars or leather leashes are placed around the dog’s neck. Pulling on the leash puts pressure on the dog’s neck. A dog harness, on the other hand, distributes the pressure on the entire chest. The risk of injuring the dog with a strong jerk on the leash is therefore minimal. Many dog ​​owners also talk about better control of their dog through the harness.

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Switching from a dog collar to a dog harness

To get the animal used to the harness, you can temporarily use a dog collar with an extra dog leash in addition to the harness. Gradually keep the collar leash looser and the harness leash tighter so that the dog can slowly get used to it during several walks!

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Which dog leash is suitable?

The choice of a suitable dog leash also depends on the purpose and temperament of the dog in question.

Retractable leashes can be extended several meters depending on the breed and are suitable for very lively dogs. Depending on the weight of the dog, there are different strengths and lengths.

Leather dog leashes are reliable and always loved. They look nice and are very robust.

Nylon dog leashes are especially recommended for sports. They are a bit more flexible than leather belts and are very stretchy.


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