Take your dog on a trip in the camper

Jack Russell Terrier

It may be a strange moment, but now after the summer and autumn holidays, it is a very suitable time to look for a camper. This holiday home on wheels is also an ideal ‘dog house’ on wheels for your four-legged friend.

Many motorhomes will already be in winter storage and wait until the new holiday season 2022 starts. Yet now is the right time to look for a used holiday home on wheels. Such a mobile house is extremely suitable for taking your dog with you.

That’s how Patricia and Marc from Nijmegen experience it too. They completely renovated an old German fire truck and plan to travel with it. Their permanent companion is their labrador, Blitz. Previously they also traveled by a Fiat Ducato bus and their buddy Spetter went with them of course. They called it their own villa on wheels.

End of the holiday season

Just at the end of the holiday, there is a group of people who say goodbye to their camper. Often after years of satisfied use, it is then time for a different type of holiday to, for example, a hotel, luxury bungalow or a world trip to the largest country in the world. Then a camper is an unnecessary possession.

For dog owners, the camper is also an ideal place to take their four-legged friend. Often a holiday park or campsite has restrictions and strict rules for pets. In some hotels, they are not even welcome. If you have your own holiday home on wheels, you can decide for yourself where you go and where you stand. This flexibility has the advantage that your dog can always come with you when you spontaneously go on holiday or take a weekend break.

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Make your move

If your faithful companion is dear to you, take your chance now. During the spring and summer, there was a run on motorhomes and sleeper buses. As a result, the rinse was thin and prices were high. Now you can orientate yourself and the prices are often lower at this time of the year, while there is more offer. Think in advance about what you want. A super-luxury camper or a converted old-timer bus full of charm and nostalgia. There is a lot to offer in that regard on the internet. Be careful and don’t make an offer right away. Go see for yourself or bring someone who knows about it. It is of course not nice if, for example, there is mold in your new purchase or if you suffer from a bed bug bite during your first trip. So seeing for yourself and taking your dog for a test drive is definitely a must.

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