Take your dog for a walk. Even if you have a garden or live in the country

That a dog lives in the country or enjoys a huge garden is no justification for avoiding walks in urban areas. Walking through the town or city is necessary for any dog.

Currently, we see many dogs walking on the street on a leash or on the loose in enabled urban areas, but most of these animals live in the city, so their walks in it respond to a question of Physiological need, principally.

However, some field dogs also walk the streets that do not have the obligation to do so, as they can relieve themselves outside of your property. So why bother and take them into town if they can enjoy the countryside or a garden? The answer is simple: to work socialization.

Why is the city walk important to socialize? How to work the socialization of a dog?

Socialization with the environment

A dog that does not leave the field does not know beyond the trees, birds and the few stimuli that are present in his house.

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If the dog is given the opportunity to visit the city frequently, it will meet a wide variety of different situations, developing its character in a healthy way and considerably reducing its options of presenting fear or developing personality problems. Thus, we will achieve a dog that enjoys urban environments, despite the many noises and various situations that arise.

Socialization with other dogs

If my dog ​​does not visit the city, he will not have options to play with other animals of his species.

Although living with another dog or interacting with the dogs of a neighbor through a fence, it is not the way to make our companion sociable and friendly.

To be sociable, you must meet new dogs every day during the first year of life, which is the period that will largely mark the development of the dog and what our friend will become.

Take your dog for a walk. Even if you have a garden or live in the country

Socialization with the human

A field dog sees very few people in its lifetime. However, if he went out to the city, he would discover a totally different situation, having the opportunity to enjoy the company of other human beings. Therefore, it is recommended that the dog plays with other people, not only with its owner.

In short, field dogs that do not visit the city are usually afraid of all those situations that they do not know, no matter how every day they seem to us. They also do not know how to relate to other dogs or people, being afraid at first and even going so far as to develop a certain degree of aggressiveness towards them. In this way, for our dog to have a good character and correct socialization, we will do well to take it to the city, which will make it a happier animal.

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