Signs Your Dog Loves You


The love we get from our dogs is unconditional and pure. While dogs may not be able to talk with words, they are very good at expressing their affection for us. There are countless signs that your dog loves you and the love is going to the bone! Many dog ​​lovers will recognize one or more of the following signs all too well.

“Does my dog ​​love me”?

With these signs you know for sure and show your dog that he loves you:

Dog wagging is perhaps one of the most famous dog behaviors. Whether you own a dog or not, we’ve all seen it. In a wagging dog, the tail moves back and forth in a certain rhythm.

Although wagging is one of a dog’s most well-known bodily signals, it does not necessarily mean that a dog is happy when he wags his tail. According to Happy Dogs, you should pay attention to three aspects when wagging your tail: the speed, the height and the other body language of the dog. When a dog quickly wags its tail rhythmically and the tail is in a relaxed upright position (so not down or straight up), this is an expression of joy for most dogs. To properly interpret your dog’s wagging, you should also look at body language. Does the dog look relaxed, does his hair not stand on end and does he look at you with a relaxed normal look? Chances are your dog is wagging his tail because he’s happy to see you!

When you get home, do you receive a warm welcome, a big lick on your face or does he jump up on you? If a dog enthusiastically applauds you when you come home with a wag, lick, or jump, he’s showing that he likes you to be home. While it may not always be pleasant, it is a sign of pure love.


Hugging is a sign of affection and security for both humans and animals. There is nothing better than a lovely, firm hug. If your dog hugs you after his meal, it is a strong signal that he loves you. The idea behind it is that dogs are no longer focused on getting food after eating. So it is, as it were, extra important what he does after eating. If he cuddles with you after dinner, he does this out of pure love, not because he thinks there will be another nice meal soon.

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Giving you a present

If your dog gives you his or her favorite toy, you can assume that this is a good sign. He sees you as the pack leader or wants to make you happy by sharing a toy with you. Because admit it, who doesn’t like presents*. It is the intention of the dog to play with you when he or she presents his toy to you.

*Those who have a cat instead of a dog can’t always agree with this. Unlike dogs, cats do not tend to share their favorite toy with you, but their newly caught prey. Also nice.

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Lying on your clothes

You may not always find it fresh, but when a dog likes to lie on your clothes (or bed, for that matter) it means that your dog feels comfortable with you. It’s a sign of loyalty: he doesn’t want to be separated from his pack. Your scent tells him that this is his pack. When a dog lies on your clothes or bed, this is a sign that he loves you.

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Make eye contact

Does your dog ever stare at you for a long time? Chances are your dog is cuddling with his eyes! According to canine expert Brian Hare, this can be explained by the hormone oxytocin. This is released when you play with your dog and you make eye contact. Fun fact: This is the same hormone that causes parents to bond with their baby.

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leaning against you

Does your dog lean against you and doesn’t seem anxious or tense? Then he shows that he loves you and wants to show you his affection. When a dog leans against you, he feels safe with you. When your dog leans against you and looks frightened, he can still love you and feel safe with you. He may be afraid of a situation, object, animal or person.

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Yawn when you yawn

A gaping necklace. When you look at someone and they yawn that you immediately have to yawn yourself. Perhaps you thought this was only true in humans. Surprisingly, however, it works the same way in dogs. Dogs were originally bred to understand human signals. So when they yawn back it’s because they care about you. Research has shown that people yawn at each other out of empathy. Unfortunately, this cannot be determined in dogs, but it has been proven that dogs are less likely to yawn with strangers than with their own owners.

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Every dog ​​is unique. What one dog has as body language does not necessarily mean that this applies to every dog. As the owner, you will quickly learn the signs that your dog loves you. This process can be accelerated by playing a lot with each other and taking good care of the dog. Curious about any tips on caring for and keeping your dog clean? Then read this blog.

Do you have any good tips or additions for this blog? Maybe your dog has a completely different signal that indicates that he loves you! Let us know, we’ll be happy to add it to our blog.

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