Seven tips for washing your dog


You wash a dog about once a month. Unless your dog doesn’t smell good because he’s been rolling in something filthy or is completely covered in mud, then it’s time for an extra wash. With the tips below you are well prepared. And that’s great, because it makes washing fun for you and the dog.

1. Use dog shampoo

Using your own shampoo is not convenient, because human shampoo affects the coat of the dog. That’s because human shampoos contain degreasing agents that are aggressive. This can irritate or even damage a dog’s coat. You wash away a protective layer and this makes your dog susceptible to infections. Therefore, always use special dog shampoo. This shampoo is gentle on your dog and also protects the skin and coat.

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2. Don’t use too much soap

It’s a nice feeling to soap yourself, but don’t do that to your dog. In fact, it is best to dilute the shampoo. If the shampoo is too thick, you only get to the top layer of the coat and don’t wash the bottom layer at all. By diluting the shampoo, the shampoo gets through the entire coat. Use an empty bottle to dilute the shampoo. Put a little shampoo in here and fill the rest with water. Make sure your dog is completely wet when you apply the shampoo. That way you get the best shampoo throughout the coat.

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3. Cover your dog’s eyes while bathing

Shampoo in the eyes hurts, even in a dog. That’s why some people don’t wash their dog’s head, but that’s not really an option. Use a dog shampoo and cover the eyes when washing. Push the dog’s head down a bit, that way the soap doesn’t stay on the head, but rinses it down. In addition to the eyes, you should also protect the dog’s ears. A hard jet in the ear is not pleasant for your dog. A subsequent wash can then become more problematic. So be careful with those ears!

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4. Make sure no soap is left in the coat

When you bathe your dog, it is important to rinse the coat thoroughly. If soap remains, you are further from home. Soap in a dog can cause irritation, itching, redness or other skin problems. When you think that the soap is gone, just rinse for a few minutes, then you are completely sure.

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5. Buy a good dog conditioner

Don’t skimp on a conditioner. When you use a good quality conditioner, you prevent your dog’s skin from becoming dry after washing. It is also wise to dilute it with the conditioner. Let it soak in for a while before rinsing it out. And just like the shampoo, it is necessary to rinse the coat thoroughly with the conditioner. It is better to have an extra time than to leave residues in the coat.

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6. Dry the dog immediately

Everyone knows the smell of a wet dog. To avoid this, you should dry the dog immediately when the wash is finished. You can do this with a towel, but you can also use a dog hair dryer. When you use this for the first time, you have to take into account that your dog can be startled. The dog has to get used to the sound and feeling of a hair dryer.

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7. Reassure your dog

A dog does not always feel like being washed. Stay calm as owner. When you start to panic, your dog becomes very restless. By keeping the peace yourself, you will be better off bathing your dog. After washing, give the dog a reward in the form of a bone or go around the block. In this way, the dog associates washing with something positive.


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