Ozone therapy in dogs: what is it, how is it applied and what are its benefits

Ozone therapy has shown important benefits in the health of animals, although its application in dogs is relatively recent. We talk about ozone therapy, its application and those diseases in which it can help in your recovery.

Ozone therapy in animals is a therapy that has been implemented for a few years in veterinary clinics, as well as in dog salons and spas.

At a particular level, we have recently tested it with our female dog Ninfa as an adjunct in rehabilitation, so we are delighted to tell you about this therapy that has been much more traveled in humans and has subsequently jumped into the veterinary world.

What is ozone therapy and how is it applied?

Medical ozone is made up of a mixture of 5% ozone and 95% oxygen that, when used in a controlled way, produces oxidative stress, inducing cells to activate the enzymatic oxidant system. As a consequence of this reaction, the mechanisms that will seek to re-establish the homeostasis of the organism will be set in motion, that is, the maintenance of a relative constancy in the composition and properties of the internal environment, which would take the animal to a point prior to the suffering of its disease.

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Ozone therapy is applied by means of a medical ozone generator that allows the preparation of ozonated serums and ozonates oils and water. Its application in the animal is done rectally, intravenously or externally.

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For which diseases is ozone therapy indicated?

One of the great advantages of this therapy in dogs is that it can be very useful in different pathologies, which makes it a good tool for the recovery of veterinary patients in a wide field of action:

1.- Metabolic syndrome:


-Arterial hypertension.

-Cardiovascular disease.

-Endothelial dysfunction (the endothelium works to preserve vascular homeostasis and its dysfunction represents the loss of capacity to modulate the physiological behavior of the vascular bed).

2.- Immune-mediated diseases:

-Atopy (also called atopic dermatitis, it is an inflammatory skin disease caused by hypersensitivity or allergy to external environmental agents).

-Lupus (an autoimmune disease that produces a deposit of immune complexes in the skin and / or in other organs such as the heart, kidneys or joints).

-Rheumatoid arthritis

-Pemphigus (a rare autoimmune condition characterized by the appearance of highly varied lesions such as pustules, blisters or ulcers).

3.- Neurodegenerative diseases.

4.- Cancer.

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What Effects Does Medical Ozone Therapy Have On Dogs?

Ozone therapy has different effects on animal. These effects can be divided into four groups:

1.- Germicidal action.

Medical ozone acts against viruses, bacteria, and fungi due to its oxidative capacity and the low antioxidant capacity of microorganisms (ozonated oil and water).

2.- Anti-inflammatory action.

Yes, Mr.thanks to ozone’s ability to act on the double bonds of fatty acids.

3.- Analgesic action.

Chen medical ozone is applied locally, it acts on allogeneic receptors in a few minutes. And belatedly through the messengers of the Central Nervous System.

4.- Relaxing and hygienic action.

Although the animal does not have any pathology a priori, it is advisable to practice this therapy due to its relaxing and cleansing action on the skin.

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How is an ozone therapy session for dogs? Is it contraindicated in any case?

Ozone therapy sessions usually last about 30 minutes, depending on the route by which it is administered to the animal.

In addition, as it has no side effects, it is a safe therapy that can be administered at any age.

However, it is contraindicated in some cases: pregnancy, allergy to ozone, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular pathologies, anemia, thrombi, and alterations in blood clotting.

In dog salons and spas, a specific bathtub is used for ozone therapy where the veterinary medical ozone is inflated through a generator that supplies the necessary dose through a constant flow of water and billions of bubbles, whose action enables the mixture to penetrate the deepest layers of the animal’s skin, cleaning its pores.

Ozone therapy in dogs: what is it, how is it applied and what are its benefits

Despite its great versatility, there will be animals that react more quickly than others to medical ozone therapy. Thus, the number of ozone therapy sessions will be prescribed by the medical staff depending on the response of the animal and the pathology to be treated.

Knowing new therapies that can help our animals to improve their health and quality of life it is something very rewarding. From the Mediterranean Natural blog, we will continue to share with you useful and interesting material about all of them.

Did you know ozone therapy? Its benefits and application? If your animals have already benefited from the advantages of medical ozone therapy, tell us about your experience!

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