Microchip For Dogs: How It Works And How Much Does It Cost


If you have just adopted a dog or are planning to do so soon, one of the first things to do is confirm that your new best friend is microchipped.

In case you don’t have it and you live in Andalusia, Cantabria, Madrid, Catalonia, or Galicia, make an appointment with the veterinarian so that he can put it on as soon as possible since in these five Autonomous Communities its implementation is mandatory.

If you live in any other region, seriously appreciate the idea of ​​wearing it, as the microchip for dogs, it is the most complete and efficient identification system for companion animals that exists.

That said, and since you surely have a lot of questions such as how old it can be put, where it is placed or how much it costs to microchip a dog, we are going to dedicate this article to try to answer these and other related questions. with the canine microchip.

What is the microchip for dogs?

The microchip for dogs is an Electronic device the size of a grain of rice containing a unique code of nine digits and four letters used to identify the animal.

Thanks to this alphanumeric combination it is possible to know your name, where you live, who your family is, and how to contact them in case of loss.

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At what age is a dog microchipped?

it’s possible put the chip from the sixth week of the furry’s life. So if you have just adopted a puppy remember that, as soon as it turns a month and a half, you can put it on.

Although not all Autonomous Communities handle the same times, most give a maximum period of three months to inoculate it.

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Where are dogs microchipped?

The usual thing is to put it on the left side of the neck by injection It does not require any type of anesthesia.

For your peace of mind, its placement does not annoy more than any other puncture, it is harmless and it does not have any kind of side effect.

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How does the microchip for dogs work?

As I have mentioned before, the microchip contains a unique 15-digit alphanumeric code that is registered in a national database.

It is enough to pass a small reader around the neck to know instantly the name of the pet, the owner, their address, and their contact number.

It is important that you know that it is your responsibility to update the data every time you change your address or phone number.

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How to find a dog with a microchip?

The first thing that both the authorities and animal associations do every time a lost or abandoned dog is found is pass the scanner to know all your data and return it home as soon as possible.

If after some time looking for it you have not received any calls and you want to search for it yourself, you can try inserting its microchip number in the registry of the company that manufactured it.

If you were careful to introduce it into a universal registry such as petmicrochiplookup.org, you can enter it on their website.

It doesn’t hurt either go to the kennel, shelter, or reception center you went to to adopting it to report your loss and ask them to help you find it.

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How can I cancel a dog microchip?

To cancel a dog microchip, either by transfer to another Autonomous Community, by transfer to a new owner from another region or by death, you have two options:

  • The first, access to the website of the Spanish Network for the Identification of Companion Animals (REIAC) to fill in the form and unsubscribe.
  • Second, call the Companion Animal Identification File of your Autonomous Community by phone to request the removal of your dog’s microchip.
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How much does it cost to microchip a dog?

The cost of microchipping a dog can vary dramatically depending on where it is done and by whom.

Having said that, the average price ranges between 30 and 50 euros, while that of the update due to change of owner moves between 10 and 20 euros.

A minimal investment if we take into account how much it can help you in the event that you lose your dog.

Also, consult our article on how much does it cost to adopt a dog?, Unlike what is usually thought, it is not free and entails essential expenses, such as the chip.

These are the most frequent questions that may arise regarding the microchip for dogs. And as you have seen, not only they are advantages for you and your furry, rather, in many Autonomous Communities, their implementation is mandatory.

To your furry It does not cause pain or side effects, it is easy to discharge and discharge if necessary, and it is also affordable for all budgets.

If you still have questions about this little device, you can write us in the comments.  We will be happy to answer any questions!

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