How can you play with your dog?

Invite the other

The game always starts with an invitation. You can’t force anyone to play, including your dog. When there is a sufficient sense of security and trust, your dog will be willing to play with you. You can also accept your dog’s play invitation, but you are not obliged to do so either.

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Varying ratio

During the game, both sides can win. If it is always the same party that wins, it is less fun for the other and it becomes a power struggle and it is no longer a game. And let joy be exactly what a dog seeks during play. So make sure that you, like your dog, can win during the game. You do this by letting your dog get hold of the pull rope, where you will do your best to be able to take it off him again.

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Excitement should not rise

The game should be fun but not get out of hand. As with small children, play can degenerate into arguing. It can also happen with dogs that play behavior becomes too intense and starts to bite your body too hard. That’s because the excitement gets too high and the dog loses self-control. That is why it is important that you regularly play with your dog. For in this way he exercises self-control and the agitation will remain under control.

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Stopping on time is important

Dogs with well-developed social skills will stop playing for a while when they notice a rise in excitement. When one stops, the other will stop, and then, when the excitement has subsided, the game resumes. So watch your dog’s behavior. If you notice that he wants to stop for a while, you should respect that. But usually, it’s the other way around. Pay attention to your dog’s arousal level and stop on time, so that there are sufficient moments of rest and your dog can develop his self-control.

Young dogs can lose their self-control and bite your body hard. At that point, it’s important that you communicate your outrage. Say “ai” and immediately stop playing by letting go of the rope or simply standing stock-still and looking away. Wait for your dog to distance yourself and then leave and take a break from play. Your dog needs to learn that your body should be respected.

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