Heat cycle in Dogs and symptoms

If you have a dog, surely you already know what we talk about when we deal with an interesting topic such as zeal in dogs, and when we say dogs, we mean dogs in general, both females as males. Surely nobody pays attention to the period of heat that males also suffer and that can lead to somewhat compromised and even dangerous situations.

How is heat in dogs

The dog in its stage of a puppy a maturation period begins both external, with changes such as size or weight and other internal changes, such as the improvement of their defenses or the maturation of certain organs such as the reproductive organs. This maturation of the sexual organs occurs both in males as in females, by the time these organs have matured and are ready for reproduction, It is when the stage of heat arrives. So in short, we can define heat as the stage in which the dog is ready for reproduction. Heat, as we have already said, occurs in both males and females, although they do not do it at the same speed.

The females develop earlier than males, so the urge to start their sexual activity usually appears between 6 and 24 months of life. Conversely, the males enjoy the ‘child’ stage more, being sexually mature around 2 or 3 years.

With the arrival of heat, the dog undergoes different changes, partly due to the hormonal load, that will be necessary to know how to recognize. Changes to psychological or behavioral level, where friendship can turn into enmity, aspects that we must recognize in order to intervene in time.

Females and males do not experience the heat period in the same way, but let’s not forget that both go through this process. At this point, we want to differentiate between heat in females and heat in males, perhaps the great unknown.

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How long does Zeal in Bitches last?

The heat in females lasts approximately between 5 and 10 months, although each dog will have a menstrual cycle that does not have to last the same, as it happens with humans, the intervals can vary and the duration of the heat also.

The female dogs will be in heat throughout their lives. So a symptom that our dog suffers some type of dysfunction will be that her heart stops for a long time or quite the opposite, that her menstruation lasts a long time. more than 21 or 23 days. These symptoms should make you go to a vet, possibly delayed by age or perhaps due to insufficient nutrition or some kind of genetic problem. Whatever the problem, a solution can be found.

The exact rules do not exist, when we read that heat occurs every 6 months, it is false, each bitch carries her own cycle and different factors can influence it.

How long does the heat last depending on the breed?

As for the breeds, they can also influence the heat, generally, small breeds tend to reach sexual maturity earlier than large breeds. The small breeds and as an orientation simply, usually manifest their first zeal between 5 and 8 months of age. The large breeds usually reach sexual maturity between 11 months and the year of life.

The approximate duration of the zeal will be between 2 and 4 weeks or 23 days and they usually occur twice a year. As a recommendation, we will tell you that the best is to write down the dates both the beginning and the end of your dog’s heat because although as we have seen, it is not an exact science, it is true that you will be able to foresee the date of the next heat and also to control that there is no anomaly that should be consulted with the veterinarian.

Bitches during the period of heat, go through 4 fundamental stages and these are:

  • Poestro: It lasts approximately between 7 and 10 days, the vulva becomes inflamed, small blood-tinged losses appear, although in this phase the female will reject the male.
  • Boss: It lasts between 5 and 15 days, the bitch lets the males smell it, this gesture means that ovulation has begun. In this stage, the bloody losses stop although the vulva will remain inflamed.
  • Right-handed: This phase lasts approximately 60 days, as long as the bitch has not been mounted in the Estro phase. In the case of pregnancy, the right-handed phase will become the longest between 110 and 140 days, which is the period of gestation and lactation.
  • Anestro: This phase is the one of sexual rest, it is not easy to estimate its duration since it is the period that passes from the end of the Diestro and the beginning of the next heat.

For a bitch to get pregnant, ride her it should be done between days 8 and 15 of each cycle, which are the days of ovulation, in the Estrus period.

When the bitches go into heat, you will notice different physical changes, of which we have already talked about some, as well as behavior, these symptoms are:

  • The bitch will show more anxiety and nervous
  • You will urinate more often
  • Inflamed vulva
  • Increase in the size of the breasts
  • Bleeding
  • Will be shown less affectionate with their owners
  • We will know that ovulation begins when the bitch becomes more playful and friendly with the males
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How long does the heat last in male dogs?

Male dogsThey spend this period of heat differently from that of females, they do not carry any type of cycle. The male’s heat begins as soon as they perceive in the air pheromones and odor particles that the females give off that if they are in heat.

For a male, the smell of female pheromones becomes irresistible, hypnotizing, and extremely intoxicating and it will be this smell that will push you to look for it. That is why it is very common to see a dog walking tied and a collection of males behind, waiting for her to accept it.

But when it comes to heat, both males and females undergo changes, they also transform, changing their character, these alterations can be:

  • Frustration and Aggression: When the male goes into heat, the production of testosterone (male hormone), is triggered, also increasing the production of another less-known hormone, but just as important as testosterone, which is cortisol.
  • Cortisol is the main causing stress and therefore irritability, frustration, and aggressiveness. This is the main reason why many dogs live under continuous stress, which can also lead to other types of psychological problems. On the other hand, the dog that wants a female in heat will not allow another male to take away his space, so dogs with an affable and affectionate character can become aggressive with other males.
  • Depression: If a dog is rejected, in some cases he can suffer depression, perhaps the simple fact of not being able to reach that rich smell that will lead him to the dog of his dreams. This depression can manifest itself with behaviors such as stopping eating, crying, fatigue, or even howling.
  • Need to escape: As we have seen before, females in heat urinate more often, so the male dog will tend to follow the smell that the female leaves in the urine, so without caring too much about their owners, he will try to find the person responsible for that nice smell and if you have to cross streets to do so, you will.
  • Improper marking: A dog that feels the female pheromones in the air will feel a greater need to mark, this can cause problems, especially at home, since it will not mind marking corners at home, something that would never have occurred to him to do if it were not by the influence of pheromones.
  • Confusion: This is marked by states of stress, the dog may ignore you and ignore you or maybe be distracted or confused. Behavior that leads us to think that our dog has become rebellious when it is simply a reaction to heat.
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Tips for treating dogs in heat

Obviously, the first piece of advice we can give you is sterilization, both in dogs and bitches. If you do not plan that your dog has puppies whether it is female or male, this is the best option.

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Tips to prevent your dog from being chased by males

  • Don’t leave the bitch alone, if it is in the phase Chief, It could be that she is the one who escapes looking for a handsome male.
  • If you live with a male dog, The recommendation is that you keep them apart during the minimum acceptance time, since these, as we have already seen, can change their character if you cannot get close to it.
  • Ten care with doors and windows open, your furry may want to escape.
  • Some people teach their pets to wear underwear on these days
  • Take good care of hygiene. You have to clean the perianal area a couple of times a day and we can administer mentholated essences or oral chlorophyll
  • Assign her a safe zone and make it just for her during these days. Here we put her toys and she has to be an area where no male approaches and where there is nothing that our dog can spoil
  • Play with it and do activities with her at home to compensate for the decrease in an activity she has during these days

Tips to prevent dogs from chasing females

In males, despite being neutered, they still have their noses in perfect condition and the aroma that previously seemed delicious has not changed and continues to seem irresistible, the difference is that now he does not have hormones that revolutionize him or make you aggressive, otherwise you will continue to want to meet that girl who exudes those delicious aromas.

When you know of the existence of a dog in heat, near your dog, try the following actions:

  • Walk your dog on a leash. As we have just mentioned, males will continue to follow a female in heat, even if their mating does not end in puppies.
  • Organize your trips to the park. Try to change the departure times to the park if you know what are the schedules of the owners of the dog that is in heat.
  • Change your departure itinerary. Another option is to change the usual places of play, if we know of the existence of a bitch in heat, it is best to change the park of the game, in this way you will prevent your dog from running in search of the smell.
  • Educate your dog. If you train your dog correctly, you will be able to control those impulses to escape. Basic commands such as “No, Quiet or Come” will be very useful, although when it comes to love, we know that there are no orders from anyone.

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