Havanese Dog Health and Care

Havanese puppies They are one of the most adorable dogs out there, but they also require special care. These dogs have a lot of character and can be quite outgoing, due to this, they can get bored easily and that can lead to behavior problems, for this reason, the Havanese Dog Health and Care must be kept in mind.

This little breed resembles a stuffed toy. It is a charming, friendly, and cheerful dog, very desirable to have at home as a companion animal, and much more to have with children.

I invite you to continue reading this article prepared by Mascotass.com and find out the most important aspects that you must know so that this breed of dog will be with you for a long time.

Havanese Dog Health and Care and its socialization

Havanese puppies need to be socialized from the moment they are born because they tend to be competitive with other dogs. This naturally leads to an overactive nature and some problems.

The care of the puppy requires care since it is a puppy. They need to be around other dogs as much as possible. Socialization at an early age helps the dog when it is older and allows them to be in good health, full of energy, and good behavior.

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Why is the breed characterized?

This beautiful breed is characterized by not being a rescue dog, or a guardian, or anything that can be said to have had a necessary utility for the existence of a group of people.

The Havanese all he does is love his master very much and not let him get bored even for an instant when he is allowed to be present.

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A pet of good company

It is a dog that likes a family environment, it likes to be offered pampering and caresses; It is not recommended that you spend a long time without company, as it is not customary to be alone. and what he shows with his barking can be stressed.

The breed is used to living in an apartment, as long as it is offered daily exercise, even if it is a short walk.

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Havanese hair care

The Havanese dog It stands out for its beautiful hair, which should be brushed frequently, as it is prone to tangling, do it about twice a week, it is recommended not to cut it.

It is important to monitor the hair in the eye and ear area since they are prone to otitis and eye diseases, and therefore these organs must remain clear, the constant tear moisture can dye their hair white.

Regular examination of the puppy’s eyes and ears will help detect ear infections, lumps, bumps, or any other potential problems.

In fact, Routine annual skin and coat checks are essential to keep the dog healthy. Any problems with these parts of the body should be treated immediately.

Your dental hygiene is also very important to prevent tooth loss, so it is recommended to brush your teeth weekly.

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The health of the Havanese dog

The health and care of the Havanese Bichon it is susceptible to a number of different diseases and ailments, including those that can threaten human health.

Make sure your dog has all his vaccines, parasite control such as fleas and ticks, heartworm preventative medications, and a combination distemper vaccine.

Some characteristic diseases of this breed are heart disease, cataracts and dysplasia in the retina. It is important to maintain proper care and hygiene in your anal glands, to suppress future problems.

Bichon dog

While these tips about Havanese Dog Health and Care guarantee the best possible care, you should still consult with your vet about any additional concerns you have regarding this beautiful breed of dog, so that you have a very happy long life.

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