Happy World Animal Day!

It’s been 90 years since World Animal Day was declared at the initiative of the World Organization for Animal Protection at a congress held in Vienna. The objective of this day is to raise awareness in society about the disappearance of species and to present solutions to the bad situation of many urban animals.

It is true that there is a lot of work ahead, but it is also true that thanks to the information on the Internet and the ethical and moral evolution of people in the last decade, every day there are more who respect and love all the animals on the planet, fighting for a better life for them.

Pets have helped people wake up animal sensitivity and empathy, being able to become aware of the rights of animals and be even more active in pursuit of their welfare.

The celebration of animal life

Different cultures around the world recognize the importance and contribution what animals do to life on our planet. Each and every one of them, in their different forms, comply with essential functions that directly affect the ecosystem, such as pollinating, decomposing waste, or simply maintaining the biological balance in a sustainable way.

This biodiversity also influences the viability that there is life on Earth since animals play a crucial role in the phenomena that guarantee adequate conditions for life.

Thus, any alteration, no matter how minimal, compromises the survival of our own kind. Excessive exploitation of natural resources or contamination of land, water, and air can lead to a mismatch of catastrophic proportions that results in a worsening of the quality of life or in the extinction of it as we know it.

For all these reasons, the celebration of World Animal Day also encourages the awareness to conserve habitats of the different animal species around the world, together with the implementation of investigation programs that allow us to know more and better treat the animals with which we live and on which our very existence depends.

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When is International Animal Day celebrated?

The inspiration for this celebration comes from Heinrich Zimmermann, writer of a magazine entitled “Man and dog”, who used this medium as a platform to promote the concept of animal welfare.

During one of the congresses organized the 4th of October of 1929 by the World Organization for Animal Protection, this date was approved to annually commemorate International Animal Day.

Why is Animal Day celebrated on October 4?

Setting October 4 as World Animal Day was a strategic decision in order to coincide with the celebration of the Christian holiday in honor of San Francis of Assisi, one of the great defenders of fauna, who in 1980 was declared by Pope John Paul II as the patron saint of animals.

This saint was born in 1182 in the Italian town of Assisi and dedicated his life to serving others, be they human or animal. That is why it is not surprising that the date on which his work is commemorated as Animal Day in favor of the promulgation of your rights.

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Why is World Animal Day so important?

The recognition and celebration of this date has been promoting a series of changes that have been launched in different areas of society with the aim of preserving the fauna that inhabits our planet.

Both habits of our daily routine and laws enacted by governments around the world are continually adapting to this end. An example of this is the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, approved by the United Nations on October 15, 1978, which was a step forward to prevent and prosecute attacks against animals. Also the approval of the bill by which the animals they stopped being considered things in Spanish legislation since last April 21, 2021.

These initiatives have been joined later by activists and international protection societies to keep reporting the situation that, to this day, many animals continue to live against the legal framework that already protects them in many countries.

Another important aspect to take into account is the work carried out by great zoologists, such as the award-winning Jane Goodall or the national case of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, who have managed to highlight the benefits offered by the correct interaction between humans and animals.

In this way, there are many advances that have taken place around the protection of animal life, especially with regard to the awareness for your well-being, be it pets, livestock or wild animals.

And it is that, as stated by “Animanaturalis Internacional”, an organization dedicated to the dissemination of the information necessary for the peaceful coexistence between humans and animals, “The purpose of World Animal Day is to remember the importance of the other animal species with which we share the planet, thus creating a culture of respect that tries to make this world a fairer place for all”.


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