Happy dog ​​Day! Discover 5 curiosities about them

Since 2004, every July 21, World Dog Day is celebrated, our great companion in life. We live with them every day but do we know them thoroughly? Today I bring you five curiosities about your dog that you may not know.

5 curiosities about your dog

1. The dog has a belly button

One of the most read articles on our blog answers the question Do dogs have navels? And the answer is yes. At birth mothers lick the umbilical cord until it falls off and sometimes a small bump remains but other times it is imperceptible.

Some dogs even suffer from umbilical hernias that, depending on their size, correct themselves or will need surgery so that they do not cause problems.

2. There is a breed of dog that does not bark

El Basenji, a race originally from Central Africa, it has narrower and deeper vocal cords and this means that it cannot bark, instead it emits a guttural sound that is usually compared to Tyrolean song.

This breed of dog usually weighs around 10 kilos and stands out for its intelligence and the need for both physical and mental exercise to avoid behavior problems. It is usually a very affectionate but independent dog, although as always happens each dog is different.

3. That our dog licks us can be a sign of stress

We are used to identifying the lick of the dog as if it were a kiss, but also can be a symptom of stress that tells us that we are overwhelming him or that he does not feel comfortable.

It is essential that we know the language of our dogs well to have a happy coexistence with them. Identify the signs of calm that they emit can help us understand them better and avoid unpleasant situations.

4. The smallest and largest dogs

Races The smallest are usually the Chihuahuas and the Yorkshire Toy and the largest the German Mastiff. But it must be taken into account that these breeds are modified by man, like all the others, and our intervention on many occasions causes many of them to suffer from health problems.

Beyond the size and aesthetic appearance of a dog, when looking for a life partner we must analyze their character and their needs to see which one can best adapt to our rhythm of life and for this the ideal is to go to a protective and tell us about each of the furry looking for a home, which unfortunately there are too many.

5. The dog can learn about 200 words

It is believed that dogs can learn about 160-200 words, although this will depend on each individual. Working with our dog to teach him to react to different terms such as sit, lie down, turn … can be very beneficial.

That time we spent with him is an important stimulus It will help to improve our bond with him and can even help us to improve some behavioral problems and will be essential for those dogs that need a lot of activity, not only physical but also mental.

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Happy world dog day!

smiling dog

We wish you all and your furry a happy World Dog Day. Without a doubt we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy life with them and sometimes we are not aware of the great company they represent. During this difficult year, with confinement in between, dogs have helped many people to make this situation more bearable.

Did you know these curiosities about dogs? I encourage you to tell us some more in the comments.

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