Effective and clean removal of dog urine

Effective and clean removal of dog urine

Peeing of urine is sometimes part of the daily life of dog owners. Puppies, sick dogs, or dogs with behavioral problems sometimes pee in the house. We give you tips on how to remove dog urine and what measures you can take to prevent urine stains.

Removing Dog Urine: Why Is It So Important?

Dogs have sensitive noses that are much stronger than humans. In the best case scenario, you will be able to remove the urine stain yourself without a suitable cleaning agent. However, your dog will still be able to smell the ammonia in urine.

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Especially in households with several animals, ‘pee spots’ can quickly develop. Many dogs are creatures of habit.

For every household with animals, there are special cleaners to remove dog urine. The products are based on or combine two components:

Microbiological urine cleaners use bacteria that feed on organic contaminants such as urine or vomit, among other things. They are odorless and environmentally friendly. Enzymatic urine cleaners, on the other hand, break down the structure of the foul-smelling uric acid crystals. If there’s no scent that reminds dogs of old urine spots, they don’t see the affected spot as a regular spot to urinate.

Check the packaging of the cleaning agent carefully beforehand. There you will find tips on how to use it correctly.

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Is there anything that can be done about urine stains?

If your dog has urinated in the house, you need to act quickly to remove the urine. Otherwise, unpleasant odors may remain. If the urine is on the carpet or laminate, put some paper towels or towels on it first. They absorb as much moisture as possible.

Then the next step comes to surfaces where urine can penetrate. Spread rice, salt or non-clumping cat litter on the affected area. These devices can absorb urine from the environment. After ten minutes you can remove everything and treat the remaining stain. You can do this, for example, with a special pet urine cleaner.

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Cleaning Dog Urine: Tips for Different Surfaces

What should you pay attention to with dog urine on the parquet floor? Which household products help against dog urine stains? Below we look at how to remove urine stains on different surfaces.

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Dog urine on PVC or tiles

On smooth surfaces, a stain is quickly a thing of the past. However, you should also remove dog urine here with a special pet urine cleaner. If you don’t have anything to hand, at least avoid ammonia-containing cleaning agents. Instead, clean the floor with a vinegar cleaner that can neutralize urine odor.

Removing dog urine from clothing or blankets
Has your four-legged friend peed on the blanket? Initially rinse the area with clear water to dilute the urine. Then you have to put the blanket in the washing machine without any other laundry. Washing at 60 degrees not only kills the bacteria present in the urine but also removes the unpleasant odor.

If the blankets or clothing with urine stains are not suitable for these temperatures, you can add enzymatic detergent. This also destroys the urine crystals at low temperatures, for example at 30 degrees. They also cause a nasty smell, which disappears as a result. Enzymatic detergents also remove stains, of course. But beware: they only work at temperatures up to 45 degrees.

Tip: Some urine cleaners for dogs can be soaked into your clothes. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Usually, the garment can be put in the washing machine after a processing time of 15 to 30 minutes.

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Dog urine on the carpet and furniture

The special cleaning agents against dog urine also work very well on carpet floors and leather. Test the color fastness of the carpet or sofa first in an inconspicuous area and do not scrub too vigorously.

Then allow the cleaning agent to act according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wash the stain with clear water. If you don’t have a special cleanser on hand, you can use the home remedies below.

  • Sodium: after cleaning with water, let it act for a few hours.
  • Laundry detergent for clothes: then wash out very thoroughly.
  • Colorless alcohol, such as vodka.

Watch out for ugly circles: distilled water can help with this. Some agents such as sodium chloride can bleach the fabric. Therefore, test them in an inconspicuous place before use. Sometimes, unfortunately, the only solution is to treat the entire carpet.

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Dog urine on the parquet

With parquet floors, you have to act quickly to remove dog urine. Otherwise, it will soak into the wood. It is particularly difficult to remove urine stains from oak or acacia parquet. The tannic acid it contains reacts with the urine.

The sooner you start treatment, the lower the risk of a long-lasting stain. Wipe up the urine as soon as possible. You can then apply a little highly diluted acetic or citric acid to the stain with a kitchen towel.

If the stain has already dried, you should call in professional help. With certain types of wood, agents such as chlorine bleach or oxalic acid in combination with caustic soda can lighten the spot. The result is not always even and can quickly turn out too pale. Unfortunately, with stubborn stains, only replacing the floor will help.

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How do you prevent urine stains?

Effective and clean removal of dog urine

The same applies to urine stains: prevention is better than cure. If you’re raising a puppy or have a sick four-legged friend at home, there are a few things you can do to prevent it.

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Preventing Urine Stains in Puppies

Give your young four-legged friend a small bathroom break every one to two hours. Despite your caution, your puppy will likely have an accident from time to time.

When the puppy arrives, it is, therefore, advisable to roll up all easily removable carpets for a few weeks and get them out of the danger zone. You do have to live on the parquet floor or tiles for a short period of time, but stains that are quickly removed are no problem.

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Urine stains in sick dogs

If an older dog suddenly becomes incontinent or doesn’t get out to urinate quickly enough, you need to see the vet.

Some older four-legged friends suffer from urge incontinence and cannot hold urine for long. Fortunately, the vet can help with many cases of incontinence in dogs!

It is especially important that you do not punish your dog. In the case of acute illness: place expensive carpets as much as possible in areas where the dog does not come. Also, use waterproof underlays for the dog bed. Especially at night, dog diapers can contribute to relaxation. In addition, go for a walk with your four-legged friend more often.

By the way: dog urine can also cause unsightly stains outside, for example on the grass.


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