Don’t forget your dog or cat as we go back to work and school


We have worked from home as much as possible for months, many people have bought a dog or cat and we have been able to enjoy our four-legged friends to the fullest lately. Some dogs and especially our cats had to get used to all this attention and company all day long. Now that schools have started again, and we can go back to work more often, we mustn’t forget our dogs and cats!

Take your dog to work

They have been our support and rock during the corona crisis and just as much as they had to get used to our increased presence, they also have to get used to our absence. Fortunately, there are more and more companies that allow dogs in the workplace, if possible take your dog to work. Place a basket at your desk for your four-legged friend and go to that park or lawn during the break to walk your dog and yourself. Just flip that switch, grab some fresh air and enjoy the moment with your dog, you will notice how great this recharges you. If your dog can’t come to work, make sure your dog gets the exercise he or she is used to and needs, if that means getting up earlier to go for that long walk, do that, believe me, it’s worth it! You can also plan or request a longer break in the afternoon from your employer so that you can walk your dog.

Train your dog to be alone

You can also build up being alone for your dog by leaving him or her alone for longer, so first a 5-minute message, then 10 minutes, and so on to increasingly longer periods of being home alone. This also applies, if you first let your dog out for a good long walk or let it run and play a lot, it will be easier for them to be alone. Turning on music or the TV doesn’t really help with being alone, going for a brisk walk, or better yet, taking your dog to work!

Keep playing with your cat

Cats sleep for a good part of the day but are now also used to a more active life and the presence of their owners. Working from home has many advantages, we have found out and luckily for our cats, it will not disappear completely. Keep playing with your cats and make sure your cats can entertain themselves in your house too. Many cat houses can be improved if it is up to the cat. For inspiration, check and search for “cat-friendly home” or search online for pictures of cat cafes. Cats like to sit high and with a view outside, does your cat already have such a lookout spot at your home?

If you work from homeless later, they can snuggle there and watch until you come home. On your working days at home, the nicest place for the cat to lie is of course your keyboard or those papers that you just have to read!


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