Dogs and Water

Surely you have already opened the pool. Or you have been able to escape for a weekend to take a dip in the sea. And your dog? They enjoy like children. If you have a golden retriever, a labrador or similar, it will drag you through the sand and you will end up soaking like him. Whether they like to bathe or not, our dogs love to roll in the sand, dig, watch you if you swim, or fetch a pole thrown into the waves. At least that’s what Matilda loves. Apart from sniffing at any four-legged that appears there, chasing each other if one is encouraged or challenging you to catch up. Here are some tips to make the experience great for both of you.

Dogs welcome

It may seem obvious, but the first thing is to find a beach where you can go together. There are at least 70 this season on the peninsula and islands, according to information compiled by Red Canina. In certain places, like Barcelona, ​​there has been controversy. Although it has been a great success, the conditioned area (1,500 square meters for 100 dogs at most) on the beach of Levante last year, was very answered by the neighbors. If you venture to go to one in which bathing and the presence of dogs are prohibited, you may receive a fine. Most often, it is the municipalities that allow or prohibit the entry of dogs, since the Coastal Law does not refer directly to this fact. An internet search can clear up your doubts.

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Before leaving

Water, umbrella, drinker, and you can even take advantage of sunscreen (for truffles and other areas devoid of hair) and lotion to protect the pads. A

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Noon is not for you

Better if you go outside of the central hours of the day. “It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and stepping on the hot sand so that the pads do not burn,” says veterinarian Alicia González, from the Los Molinos Veterinary Clinic in Madrid, who doubts the effectiveness of protective lotions. Be careful if they have short white hair. They are more at risk of getting burned.

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Time to go to the bathroom

Your friends will have to relieve themselves. Filling a bottle of seawater to dilute its urine on the sand will earn you the admiration of the other owners (and of those who resist allowing dogs to bathe in the sea, as happened last year in Barcelona). Obviously, the poop bags are to be used, so take them for yourself and the whole beach, just in case.

I don’t know whether to steal your flip-flops or take a bath. ‘Five’ scanning the horizon.Javier Casquero
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More water

You have to give them to drink continuously. The more swimmers and those who like to play with the waves tend to swallow seawater, which irritates the digestive mucosa immediately. Try to prevent yours from doing it.

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He is not surfing

Do you remember the shock that the waves gave you when breaking when you were little? Well, the same thing can happen to your dog. Jet skis, motorboats and gossip like that can get on your nerves. Theirs is that the water is not unpleasant. If you can, choose quiet beaches.

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