Do not do this with your dog in summer

These are the recurring news of each summer. They make us angry and saddened, but we too may be endangering the health of our furry companions. We want to put in writing what is strictly forbidden to do with your dog when the heat knocks us all down. Behind there are physiological reasons. “Dogs don’t sweat, they don’t have sweat glands, they just pant. It is their way of expelling the heat and that exhausts them, ”says veterinarian Alicia González, from the Los Molino’s clinic in Madrid. And if they get tired, they can’t cool down enough. Then your body temperature rises. If the thermometer registers 41 degrees, it is necessary to take into account the so-called heat stroke, a very serious clinical condition that includes cardiovascular collapse and changes in coagulation. When it reaches 42 degrees, cell and organ damage can be irreversible.

1. Leave it in the car, even if it is “a little while” and with the window slightly down.

The cubicle heats up quickly. A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that on days when the ambient temperature is only 22 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the vehicle doubles (to 47 degrees) in an hour. In addition, 80% of the increase occurs in the first 30 minutes and there is no difference when it is ventilated by lowering the window glass a little. Babies are especially vulnerable to these practices because, like the elderly, they are more easily dehydrated. Dogs can only pant to cool themselves off and, apart from getting tired, they expel humid air after coming into contact with the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, which turns the car into a kind of Turkish bath. “They have a body temperature higher than ours and can reach 41 degrees in a very short time,” warns veterinarian Alicia González

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2. Lock it up on the terrace or balcony.

Imagine that you had to spend hours in a very hot place, where little air flows, even in the shade. Even if you could drink. But don’t go out. Do not leave them out in the open without the possibility of shelter. “The booths are not worth either, they do not insulate them from the heat, because they are usually made of plastic material,” warns the veterinarian González. The dog can go out to the terrace, but it must always have the option of lying down in a cool place inside the house.

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3. Take it to the beach without an umbrella and without water.

Your partner has to be in the shade and drink at will.

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4. Walk on the asphalt as if it were winter.

They don’t wear shoes. The heat accumulated by urban pavements, especially asphalt, can cause burns to the pads of dogs.

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5. Run or bike with him.

Taking them to exercise with us in the summer is not a good idea. Tiredness and heat are relieved with the same system, panting, and the animal is exhausted.

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6. Take him out for a jog at mealtime.

Walking during the middle hours of the day can be a killer for dogs. If they have to relieve themselves, a walk around the block (for the shade), period. It will run at night.

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7. Forget about filling the waterer.

You can now install bowls in different parts of the house. They need to drink more water than usual.

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8..Put it in front of the air conditioner.

The same thing happens to us, that refrigeration gives us a cold. “The mucosa of the trachea can be irritated,” says the specialist. Therefore, it is also necessary to avoid placing them where the flow of cold air is most powerful.

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